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The Growing Power of Women in Construction — Part 2 of 2


Tips for women in construction and ways to help close the gender gap in the industry.

Women in Construction

Editor’s Note: Women in Construction Week is March 7th to 14th. We’re kicking off the week with our related two-part blog series. In part two below, you’ll learn various tips to continue to empower careers for women in construction and resources that Viewpoint provides that can help.

In the first part of this blog series, we learned that many organizations and associations are making huge strides to encourage women and help construction organizations understand the importance of this issue. Let’s take that a step further. Here are five key takeaways we have learned directly from our clients — some of the leading construction firms in the nation — as well as some key resources from Viewpoint that can help along your journey:

1. Mentoring Programs: The More the Merrier

    Believe or not, there are a lot of mentors that you can turn to, and you can have multiple. Mentoring women is different in the construction industry due to the profound male dominance compared to other industries. Remember, from part one that women only make up roughly 10 percent of the industry’s professionals. So, having a mentoring program or many individual mentors that can specifically offer women career advice related to advancement, how to overcome gender difficulties, inspiration or just someone to listen to is a huge advantage.

    Consider creating a mentoring program for women in your organization or join one. Research mentorship programs in your area if your organization does not have one; you’ll be surprised how many there might be in your region.

    2. Networking: Connect with Other Strong Women in Construction at Conferences, Events, Online and More

      Networking, inspiring, empowering, coaching and gaining specific industry advice are just a few takeaways women receive when going to industry specific events.

      For example, the Viewpoint Collaborate conference <link to conference> hosts classes for customers with thought leaders who offer advice to help women move forward in the industry. Several videos and webinars are also offered to help women learn more. A few other conferences that are worth checking out include: Women in Construction USA, Women in Construction - West Coast Conference and Groundbreaking Women in Construction.

      3. Apply for a Promotion and Promote Those That Apply

      Women in construction: apply, apply, apply for advancement. We need you! The more you push yourself towards advancement, the higher your chances will be to get that promotion you have been dreaming of.

      Construction organizations: aptly train women and provide the same career opportunities as men and then make sure to promote women equally. The more you promote women, the more likely you’ll entice other qualified women leaders to work at your company and feel comfortable doing so. So, as an organization, do your part. Encourage women to apply for advancement and greater opportunities.

      4. Turn Down the Volume on Stereotypes 

      According to OHS, one way to empower women is to work on removing stigmas and stereotypes — especially one of the biggest: that women are somehow not suited for the industry. We all know that is not true.

        Combat these stereotypes in your organization by honoring women with awards, “employee of the month” acknowledgements and again, promotions. Also, making sure HR is providing classes and reiterating the importance of turning down stereotypes is key to opening the doors for more women in the industry.

        5. Be Resourceful with Resources

        The more you know, the more can be done to overcome the gender gap. There are many free, quick, downloadable resources that can help you do just that. More specifically, Viewpoint offers a series of blog posts, webinars, videos and other types of content specifically geared towards women in construction.

        These resources can help you further understand the severity of the issue and more specifically, how to overcome. Please share these resources with everyone at your organization. You’ll find them here.

        To further grasp the issues and get advice on women in construction, please watch the most recent Women in Construction session from Viewpoint Collaborate:

        If you have any specific questions about how technology can help overcome the labor gap, please contact us.

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