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How to Drive Accurate and Timely Job Costing


Job Cost in Construction
A single, connected software solution also increases visibility into project data and financials for all project stakeholders.

A Better Job Cost Approach

Believe it or not, there is a path to faster, more accurate job cost reporting. This path leverages technology to drive project collaboration through a single, connected software suite so that job costs are updated and shared with all team members in real time.

Why work in a single system? Doing so provides a more efficient way to manage information, reducing duplicate data entry that can spawn job cost data errors. A single, connected software solution also increases visibility into construction project data and financials for all project stakeholders. Generate quicker job cost reports and trust that the numbers accurately reflect what is actually transpiring on your projects.

Learn more about how to improve job cost and gain accurate reporting during our most recent Take 15 Webinar, “Driving Accurate and Timely Job Costs.

ViewpointOne provides correct job cost because of its modern, digital capabilities including:

  • Fast and accurate job set up. A fast approval process with the capability to assign someone to approve purchase orders and billing in a snap.
  • Importing estimates directly into the software including all details such as phases, units, schedule of values and so much more.

After a job is set up, time and expense for a particular cost code can be charged from the field, from a mobile device instantly.

You too, can gain accurate, real-time job costing and easily measure profitability with an integrated construction specific solution. See how by watching our on-demand webinar below:

On-Demand Webinar:

For more information about how you can improve job cost for your specific and unique needs, please contact us.

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