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Connecting Service Contractors’ Back Offices and In-Field Technicians — In an Instant


Vista Field Service gives service techs faster, easier tools to work with in the field while closing the data loop with the back office

Enabling service techs with the best information in the field helps cut through administrative clutter and allow them to focus on their work.

For service technicians, their main job is the work that needs to be done in the field — whether its performing regular maintenance on a cooling unit; an upgrade on an electrical system; or quickly repairing a broken sink pipe or malfunctioning boiler system. And the more work they can complete, the happier their clients and the quicker their service contractor employer can pay the bills — including their own paychecks.

Enter Vista Field Service

Vista Field Service is a full mobile work order solution for service contractors.

Now, Viewpoint Vista users have the ability to close that data and process gap between the back office and in-field service technicians with Vista Field Service. A full mobile work order solution for service contractors, Vista Field Service provides technicians with all the information they need to complete their work for the day, and instantly pushes data about what was complete back to the office — all via their smartphone.

Vista Field Service replaces manual processes for dispatching technicians and assigning work orders, as well as capturing field data on work completed. The solution extends the power of Vista Service Management to the field through a mobile friendly web interface. The easy-to-use solution enables fast adoption for technicians, allowing them to work quickly and efficiently while on the go.

Modernizing Service Technicians’ Workflows

Capturing electronic signatures in the field is just one of the benefits of Vista Field Service.

Here’s a snapshot at the modern features and workflows that the connected Vista Field Service provides for technicians:

  • Assignments — Service techs can see where they need to be, when and what they need to do - right from their phones
  • Serviceable Items — Techs can see what serviceable items or machinery are at their locations, as well as past service history on the item
  • Labor, equipment, and materials costs — Techs can assign costs directly to work orders so the office can track profitability in real time
  • Notes and Images — Techs can capture notes and before/after/future work images and attach them directly to work orders
  • Tasks — Techs can create customized task lists to ensure consistency from job to job
  • Electronic Signatures — Techs can capture electronic signatures from customers directly on their phones to ensure quicker authorization on or acknowledgement of work completed to speed billing processes

Watch this video for a first-hand look at Vista Field Service:

Interested in learning more about how Vista Field Service can streamline your work orders and transform your service billing? Connect with Viewpoint today!

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