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Connected Construction: A Discussion on How Technology is Transforming an Industry Worldwide


Special Presentation from Trimble and GlobalData follows release of in-depth whitepaper on how connected tech is elevating construction

A truly connected construction experience is attainable today.

Imagine for a moment, your ideal construction operating experience.

You arrive at your office or work trailer and log into your entire construction management platform with one password. Within seconds, live, real-time data populates your screen and, thanks to several task alerts, you instantly know exactly what your key issues are for today, and which projects or areas need help.

With just a few clicks, you turn that data into dozens of actionable decisions and workflows that spread from the back office to the field and to the entire extended project team and external stakeholders, all within seconds. And you’ve done it all before your first sip of coffee.

This truly connected construction experience is powerful, and it’s within your reach today.

Connected Construction: How Tech Is Transforming an Industry

Digitization and the cloud are helping transform the very way construction professionals work.

Recently, Trimble teamed up with GlobalData to explore the connected construction experience in depth, producing a new construction industry whitepaper, “Connected Construction: A new technology mindset for a new era.” 

The results of that study and subsequent whitepaper were revealing, which is what executives from both firms discussed during a special webinar, “Connected Construction: How Tech is Transforming an Industry.” The panel discussion focused on how the construction industry as a whole is transforming to digitized, cloud-based and mobile operations, and how this is changing the very way construction professionals work.

Connected construction technologies are helping contractors work faster and smarter — in the office, the field and beyond.

For those that missed the presentation, it is still available as an on-demand session. Watch to learn:

  • What a modern, connected construction environment looks like, and how it can improve how all project stakeholders work together
  • How connected construction is changing how the industry works, and why it’s important for contractors to start preparing
  • The technologies powering today’s connected construction transformation, and what might soon be on the horizon
  • How to identify and overcome challenges to modernizing construction operations and where to start your own connected construction journey
  • Real-world examples from contractors who have already benefited from connected construction data and workflows

Meet the Panelists

Lawrence Smith — VP and GM, Construction Management Solutions, Trimble

Lawrence is leading Trimble’s global Construction Management Solutions (CMS) division for the construction sector. He is responsible for bringing a unified business strategy around preconstruction, project and operations management, finance and human capital, and digital supply chain.

Elwyn McLachlan — VP, Civil Solutions, Trimble

Elwyn is responsible for global product development and strategy for the company’s technology solutions for the civil construction sector. This includes Trimble’s hardware and software solutions for machine control and construction surveying, as well as software for civil design and engineering and construction site management.

Chris Drake — Principal Analyst: Global IT Technology and Software, GlobalData

As Principal Analyst for Data Center Technologies, Chris covers a range of technologies that are transforming the traditional data center landscape, including converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, high-performance computing, and the hardware and software solutions for building and managing private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

Suzanne Armengol — Regional Head of Consulting, GlobalData

As Regional Head of Consulting, Suzanne is responsible for leading GlobalData’s technology consulting practice in EMEA, and previously leading the construction consulting practice. Based in London, UK, Suzanne has more than 12 years of experience working in research, consulting, and business intelligence in the UK, Spain, and Latin America.

A Graphical Look at the Connected Construction Evolution

Here is a sneak peek of some of the information you’ll find in the full whitepaper, these images focusing on the evolution of connected construction. Download the full infographic here.

Traditional Construction: Many construction firms struggle with a host of challenges that create complexity, impede collaboration, and undermine profit.

Construction firms rely on perpetual licenses for consuming construction technologies, which means they miss out on important benefits related to flexibility, scalability, ease of use, enhanced cost management, and improved return on investment (ROI).

Connected Construction Experience: This experience is one in which construction firms have access to a common data environment with a standardized set of connected workflows across all stakeholders, departments, and disciplines of the construction process.

Key Drivers to Adopting New Technology: By 2025 global construction firms will spend US$36.9 billion on cloud services and solutions.

By enhancing project visibility and predictability, providing real-time access to business data, and enabling collaboration and integrated decision making, the connected construction experience can help construction firms realize more consistent, streamlined, and predictable project execution.

Making the Move to Connected Construction: Better-managed projects and more streamlined processes—including the ability to process data in the field—can help firms achieve cost savings by reducing labor overheads and resource wastage, while also contributing to higher profit margins.

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