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Clear the Data Lens: Improve Organizational Visibility with Construction Project Forecasting and WIP Reporting


In just 15 minutes, you’ll learn how data analytics tools like construction project forecasting can provide greater insights into your work and reap greater profits.

Data. Data. Data. It’s a four letter word we have all heard. But we leave a few terms out when we discuss data. What about accuracy, security and visibility? Adding these three extra words to your conversation about data and the technologies that collect, store and analyze it can help remove the guesswork and start understanding your real data in real time.

It boils down to having the right solutions powering the right modern data workflows throughout your organization. A project manager, for instance, should be able to securely distribute real-time work in progress (WIP) and construction project forecasting data to CFOs, controllers and executive teams — so quick, informed and profitable decision making can take place.

Take 15 Webinar: Improving Visibility with Project Forecasting and WIP Reporting

Construction Project Forecasting
ViewpointOne gives you the ability to improve organizational visibility with tools tailored to improve project forecasting and team collaboration

In this on-demand webinar, Viewpoint Director of Solution Engineers Dan Miller discusses how the ViewpointOne suite of connected construction management solutions brings secure, powerful construction project forecasting capabilities right to contractors’ dashboards. The advanced data analytic tools and workflows built throughout the ViewpointOne suite allow users to drill down into key components of their construction organization such as work in progress, labor, material, subcontractor information and so much more. This allows them to quickly identify project challenges and make fast, profitable adjustments.

Learn how you can gain a clearer lens into your construction organization and focus on increasing margins with accurate work in progress and construction project forecasting capabilities. Watch the full Take 15 webinar below!

To learn more about how ViewpointOne can specifically help your construction organization clear the data lens with construction project forecasting, please contact us

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