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Accelerating Project Performance


Viewpoint Team helps connect the office and field for true construction collaboration.

When it comes to managing today’s complex construction projects, achieving true collaboration and data integration is the key to success.

Viewpoint TeamTM is used by our customers for construction project management and execution to better collaborate on the job site and in the field—a fully-integrated solution designed for both the back office and operations. Our customers are delivering great projects with this software like the roads we drive on, offices we work at and airports we fly from. They count on Team to deliver awesome experiences that make their project teams more productive, collaborative and efficient. Team handles thousands of users, projects and documents on a daily basis representing billions of dollars in financial value. 

Continuously Innovating, Enhancing Team’s Capabilities

Viewpoint Team's latest release is helping contractors further boost performance.

High performance is critical for the success of such mission-critical software. With the latest release of Viewpoint Team in July 2019 (R7 2019), we delivered major innovations to the platform that powers Team to improve the performance and overall user experience significantly.

Full details of this release can be found here. Key highlights include:

  • Overall Team site performance improved by 50% (faster!) with some areas of the site improving by 95% (significantly faster!)
  • A large customer reported submittal save times improved 50%
  • Another customer reported drawing grid load time improvement of 60%

And, we’re not finished yet! While these are some great improvements and our customers love them, we are working on delivering more value and better performance. Our product and engineering teams are actively engaged in the next phase of improvements to take Team to the next level of performance.

We are excited to share more news and updates soon. For more details on what’s new, join our upcoming technology huddle. Lastly, please share your feedback and let us know of your ideas to make our software better. Customers, you can submit your ideas directly through the customer suggestion box.

A Data-Driven Technology Approach

KPMG’s 2019 Global Construction Survey revealed that 83% of executives “feel organizations will be data-driven, including routine use of data analytics and predictive modeling for project planning and monitoring.” The construction industry’s digital transformation is well under way and many participants are entering this next data transformation phase.

ViewpointOne is the next-generation platform that is driving the data transformation. The data on which this transformation is built, is created by users who capture it in the field or the office. In addition to capture, users are accessing information from different devices, in many locations. Read how ViewpointOne empowers each vital construction persona to work smarter.

Recent platform development has seen response times for service drop by 80%.

Performance is paramount. User satisfaction is driven in no small part by the speed in which information can be accessed. In addition to architecting the ViewpointOne platform on the very latest technologies, constant performance measurement facilitates continuous improvement. Recent platform development has seen response times for service calls drop by 80%. The benefit to end users is fast and friction free access to the information they need to perform the task at hand. Additionally, the platform’s project management capabilities have seen a 50% increase in submittal state change response times 50% and a 60% improvement in drawing grid load times.

Contact us today to begin your data transformation journey.

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Siva Darivemula has spent the last 20 years in enterprise software product management and participates in many industry forums and advises startups around data transformation and applications of AI/ML in enterprise software.

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