6 Construction Secrets You’ll Learn at Collaborate 2021


Collaborate 2021 is a little over a month away and we are looking forward to helping your organization prepare for the industry’s bright future and navigating the rocky road. With so many new projects and financial opportunities looming on the construction horizon, contractors need to be equipped with the right tools, skills and technologies to get the job done.

With four hours of FREE training available to all Viewpoint customers at Collaborate, there are so many opportunities for growth. Here’s a glimpse into what you will take away from Collaborate 2021:

1. The Truth About a Truly Connected Construction Experience

Connected construction is changing the game for the construction industry.

Technology is truly changing the game for the construction industry. At Collaborate 2021, you will hear first hand from construction experts and Viewpoint customers who have successfully embraced modern technology. Throughout the 40+ sessions we have planned, you will gain insights into:

  • How your organization can work from a single source of truth to share data across all construction workflows and disciplines
  • Why a collaborative workspace and data is necessary for improved efficiency and profitability
  • The importance simplifying work within your organization, regardless of your area of construction expertise

      2. How to Modernize Your Company’s Operations

      We're ready to help your organization make the move to the cloud.

      It can be difficult to know where to start when you’re ready to make a change. If your construction organization is ready to modernize but needs some guidance, look no further. At Collaborate, you will:

      • Listen to real life customer stories about successfully moving to the cloud
      • Learn how to use technology to meet your organization’s needs
      • Hear from our team on what the implementation process looks like
      • See how cloud-based software improves workflows to make your life easier, reduce risk and increase profit

          3. Ways to Protect Your Organization from Cybersecurity Threats

          Did you know that cybersecurity threats are at an all time high in the construction industry?

          With great technology comes great responsibility. And with that responsibility comes establishing successful data security during a time when cybersecurity threats are at a high. You’ll learn:

          • Why the cloud is the most secure path your organization can take and why on-premise or disconnected manual processes pose a high risk
          • How to identify phishing scams, ransomware, wire fraud and other forms of threats
          • Ways multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, strong passwords and more strategies can help your organization keep data and workflows secure

              4. How to Cut Through the Construction HR Clutter

              Automated HR processes can save your organization both time and money.

              HR processes can be a long and drawn out process, especially when that process is manual. Taking advantage of the right technology to simplify these processes can save contractors both time and money. Throughout Collaborate 2021, our HR experts will discuss:

              • Ways to simplify recruiting and onboarding
              • How to streamline time collection form the field
              • How you can simplify the payroll process
              • The self-serve technologies available for HR professionals to use to view pay stubs, manage time, review documents and much more

                5. Ways to Get Smarter and Become a Data-Driven Contractor

                Join thousands of contractors around the world and become a data-driven contractor.

                Are you ready to dive in and truly understand how your organization is operating? With modern technology and connected systems, contractors have the opportunity to use a data-driven strategy. Learn more about:

                • Powerful data analytics and construction intelligence tools
                • Data processing in the cloud and ways to compare and contrast any data you want in a matter of seconds
                • How to view historical data to accurately forecast and plan for future projects
                • Understand how your company compares to industry benchmarks

                  6. Keynote Motivational Speaker Laila Ali

                  You won't want to miss Laila Ali as our Collaborate 2021 inspirational keynote speaker!

                  We are so excited to welcome this year’s “knock-out” inspirational keynote speaker, Laila Ali! This four-time undefeated boxing world champion is considered the most successful female in the history of women’s boxing. You won’t want to miss Laila Ali reveal what she’s learned about finding success in the most difficult, unlikely places.

                  Collaborate is one of the biggest and most respected construction technology conferences in the industry. And with so much to learn and gain (including 4 free hours of training for customers) and no airplane tickets to buy, you won’t want to miss it!

                  So join thousands of the industry’s brightest professionals, industry leaders and experts at Collaborate 2021! Save your seat today for September 14-16 and gain access to out-of-the-box ideas that will prepare you for success in a rapidly changing world.

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