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5 Reasons Our New HR Management Solution Has Construction Pros Swooning


Construction human resources departments of all sizes are facing a similar and significant challenge — finding and retaining the talent needed to complete their jobs. The growth in open positions combined with fewer workers entering the labor market for construction make keeping, and finding, top employees even more important. However, HR functions are often overwhelmed managing manual tasks for employees and need help.

Human resources functions in construction — whether that means a full HR team, a single dedicated HR professional or, often, members of accounting or operations — can use technology to help automate processes, stay in-touch with field workers and save time communicating with employees. Solving these challenges lower risks associated with hiring practices, helps companies stay consistent and compliant with regulations and increases the employee satisfaction — all of which have a significant impact on the company bottom line.

From managing time off to streamlining recruiting and on-boarding to providing a robust employee self-service portal for HR documents, pay statements and more, Viewpoint HR Management is the tool that improves HR processes, resulting in time and cost savings. Take a look at what some of our customers are saying about the benefits of Viewpoint HR Management.

Improving Applicant Tracking, Onboarding and Benefits Enrollment

“Using Viewpoint HR Management for our benefits enrollment really streamlined the process. Our mobile workforce was able to efficiently elect benefits through the portal, saving loads of paper and time. The Viewpoint team was responsive in helping us design, develop and implement our enrollment process. We felt like partners rather than just customers.”

Jeff Pyles, HR Manager, FHG Inc.

Contractors are streamlining their back-office operations by automating HR workflows such as applicant tracking, hiring and onboarding. Viewpoint HR Management simplifies the hiring process for HR teams and applicants alike, providing a single solution to upload documents, check their application status, and more. And when hired the HR Management portal allows easy access to documents like employee handbooks, training and benefit information and more. Employees can facilitate their own HR needs, allowing them to focus on the tasks they were hired for.

Easy-to-Use Self-Service Portal

“Migrating our vacation and sick time off requests to the HR Management portal has completely eliminated our archaic paper-based workflow, saving our payroll department countless hours of trying to balance missing hours. It also allows our employees to better manage their accrued time off by projecting future time off balances. We are extremely pleased with this module and the entire HR Management portal solution. ”

—Aaron Silberberg, Project Coordinator, KS Industries

Empower your employees to manage their own needs so HR doesn’t have to. Bonus tip: it’s what they prefer. Research reveals that an overwhelming majority (73%) of full-time U.S. workers today expect their employer to provide a high-level of employee self-service, allowing them to independently complete a variety of HR-related tasks. Viewpoint HR Management provides just that — allowing employees to self-perform time-off requests, access employee documents and training materials, view paystubs and more. Viewpoint HR Management reduces the burden on HR staff and provides employees with convenience and speed.

Easy Expense Management

"Approving invoices through the Viewpoint HR Management is such an improvement! It has provided a much nicer interface for our end users and added time savings for our project management team, especially when approving invoices from the field.”

—Suzie Helmsworth, Business Systems Analyst, Sukut Construction

Eliminate the hassle of having employees submit expenses in the field or on the go. Expenses can be captured and submitted online — no matter where the employee is located! Code expenses to Job or General Ledger accounts and attach photos of receipts straight from a mobile device. Now, approving expenses is as easy as a single click.

Process Simplification and Associated Time Savings

“We went from having a four-person team handling administrative functions to a three-person team with that fourth person now being utilized elsewhere in the company.”

—Michelle Ramirez, Business Systems Analyst, KS Industries

Implementing Viewpoint HR Management means process improvement. Manual tasks are automated, drastically reducing the countless hours spent sorting through paperwork, trying to match up line items or emailing back and forth to facilitate HR requests. The result is significant time and cost savings. Dependency on paper is reduced by making some materials (fliers, employee handbooks, checks, etc.) virtual only. One organization that implemented HR Management noted it now saves more than $25,000 a year on printing and associated overhead costs. Others have experienced enough time savings from manual tasks that they saved a full FTE and/or sped up other processes that help with retention.

The Bottom Line

“If I’d been able to design the solution myself, I couldn’t have done any better…it’s an easy, intuitive product that is web-based and so a familiar interface for users. It really is a dream come true.”

Ken Cooney, Business IT Analyst for Ada County Highway District

Hundreds of clients have saved time, lowered risk and improved employee satisfaction by using Viewpoint HR Management. Find out more today by contacting us or access the full eBook here.

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