2022 Trimble Viewpoint Construction Awards Open for Submissions


Trimble Viewpoint Customers: Have a Cool Project, Applied Tech in Awesome Ways, or Achieved an Impressive HR Feat? Here’s Your Time to Shine!

This year has been one of comebacks and growth, and we are impressed with the results we're seeing out of the construction industry. The projects, the pivots contractors have had to make, the implementation of new guidelines—all have impacted your ability to work, but also highlighted your perseverance. We want to celebrate those efforts!

Every year we honor our customers who have overcome odds with creativity and innovation through our Trimble Viewpoint Construction Awards. This year we are continuing the tradition with new award categories.

Please take a moment to check out the 2022 Trimble Viewpoint Construction Awards and consider submitting your organization.

Here is a look at our three award categories:

Most Outstanding Project

For the Project Showcase award, we want to see a particularly notable project your team has completed in the last 12 months. This is your chance to showcase what you consider to be your top project of the year—one you are proud of for one reason or another. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Did you complete a building that is exceptionally sustainable or meets LEED standards?
  • Did you finish a project ahead of schedule and under budget?
  • Did a particular project pose unexpected challenges that your team was able to overcome?
  • Do you have a project that gained notable media attention?
  • Did you implement new Trimble Viewpoint software, people, or processes that helped your project succeed?

      Please note how the use of Trimble Viewpoint software helped your team complete the project.

      Most Impressive Human Resource Achievement

      We want to highlight all of the amazing work your company is doing to build strong workforces and provide your employees with gratifying working experiences.

      Tell us your stories—whether it's your remote working or return-to-office strategies, new DEI initiatives, streamlined recruiting or onboarding, career development, improved training and education, or something completely different and unique. Be sure to mention if you're using Trimble Viewpoint solutions and show how it helped drive your success!

      Best Use of Trimble Construction One Technology

      Tell us how the use of Trimble Construction One technology has helped your organization create a more data-driven, connected construction experience.

      Has moving to the cloud helped you become more agile or better meet modern project demands? Have you leveraged Trimble Viewpoint solutions to streamline project workflows and improve project timelines? How are you using Trimble Viewpoint reporting and/or analytics capabilities to boost your construction intelligence and plan better projects? Tell us all about it! And bonus points for any specific ROI you can share or unique areas of creativity and innovation that have resulted from these improvements.

      Leading by Example

      Want an idea of what a Trimble Viewpoint Award-winning project looks like? Here is a look at a few of our previous award winners (along with videos):

      Most Challenging Project

      VJS Construction Services—Renovating Saint John’s on the Lake, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      Starting in March 2020, VJS Construction Services began renovating the Saint John’s on the Lake retirement community. The project consisted of two main phases. The first being a 23-story tower that consisted of two half levels of underground parking, first floor commons, skilled nursing facilities, assisted and hybrid living, and independent living apartments. More than 100,000 man hours were spent pouring over 25,000 cubic yards of concrete.

      The second phase consisted of demoing and reconstructing an existing three-story Health Service building, auditorium, and entrance. All of this was completed in between two buildings with 2” to spare on either side. With the help of Trimble Viewpoint software, VJS Construction was successful in this $105 million dollar project and enabled their team with the tools they needed to track invoices, subcontracts and manage project documentation.

      Most Exponential Growth in a Year

      CSCI Construction—Navigating COVID-19 and Coming Out On Top, Florida

      As the housing market quickly took off towards the end of 2020, CSCI’s customers knew they could rely on the contractor to get home shells built quickly. With a 25+-year track record, a team of highly specialized structural contracting professionals, Trimble Viewpoint technology, and long standing vendor relationships, CSCI was able to construct 65% more home units than the previous year.

      Using Trimble Viewpoint’s Spectrum as it’s financial backbone, the organization has been able to quickly communicate with vendors using built-in APIs, and are working to automate several manual functions and drive greater efficiencies.

      Most Creative Use of Trimble Viewpoint Technology

      Basic Resources, Inc.—Customer Self Service Portal, Modesto, California

      Basic Resources, Inc. built a customer service portal for its employees, giving them real-time access to view invoices, tickets, order derails, and much more. Through an easy to access online portal, customers are able to electronically sign documents, track orders and shipment quantities.

      With the help of Trimble Viewpoint software, Basic Resources, Inc. has seen great improvements in customer support and has reduced the amount of administrative work needed from employees and customers.

      We look forward to reading about your projects and cannot wait to celebrate your accomplishments. Submissions are due by July 1, 2022 at midnight. Good luck!

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