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Viewpoint Collaborate 2019 is right around the corner! We recently asked Viewpoint customers to share their favorite highlight or story from last year’s Collaborate conference. From winning an iPad to kissing a llama, many great memories were shared. Here’s a round-up of nine of our favorite stories to get you excited for Collaborate 2019!

Networking is the Goal

Not only does Collaborate provide a chance to learn about getting the most out of your software investment, it’s also an opportunity to meet and connect with other professionals in the construction industry. Lorie Eaker, Corporate Controller at Adolfson & Peterson shared, “The networking opportunities are invaluable.” While the technology is the main focus of the user conference, we won’t argue with those who say that networking is just as important. There will be plenty of networking opportunities at this year’s conference, so get ready!

Educational and Fun!

Of course our main focus is making sure you learn a lot at our conference, but we also want you to have a great time! “The conference is great all around. From the classes, networking, social events, conference speakers, fun activities, touring the VP headquarters and Portland in general, and meeting the VP employees, the weekend was busy and educational,” highlighted Jackie Farasyn, CFO at Mathiowetz. There is so much to do at the conference and within the city of Portland, you’re sure to have a busy week!

‘Learn Hard, Play Hard’ Policy

While the 140 different classes and workshops we offer during the day are the main reason to attend the conference, it’s hard to not look forward to evenings out on the town. Whether you’re looking to explore the outdoors, head to a brewery or enjoy a night of Karaoke, Portland is the city for you. Steve Bolton, Sr. Business Analyst at Harmon, Inc. said, “The social times after the conference were the best. It’s all about meeting others.”


We’re sure you heard about the llamas from last year’s customer appreciation party following the conference. They were a highlight of Collaborate 2018 for many people, including Craig Lundskog, Finance Director at Great Basin Industrial, “My favorite memory was the llama kiss – wow!” Unfortunately, Rojo the Llama has gone into retirement so he will not be making an appearance at this year’s user conference. But don’t worry, we have something just as exciting up our sleeves.

Building Better Together, Literally

Having the opportunity to build relationships with your co-workers and fellow construction industry professionals is an important part of the Collaborate experience – that’s why our conference theme is building better together. We hope that while you are learning valuable information that you can take back to your organization, you are also forming connections with others attending the conference like Allison Whitman, Contracts Manager at JB James Construction did at Collaborate 2018, “we networked with so many people from different companies, and have actually maintained relationships with them since October.”

Amazing Staff

It truly takes our entire organization to make the conference happen each year. We enjoy being able to educate you on how you can better use your software, but we also look forward to building personal connections and getting to know you, our valued customers. Mike Infiger from Clacy & Theys shared this highlight from last year’s conference, “Aside from the great conversations with other Viewpoint users and seeing our vendors every year, I really do enjoy the lengths at which the Viewpoint events staff go to make it a success every year…The event staff rocks!” We think our clients rock, too.

Customer Appreciation

Our customers are the most important focus of our business, and the Collaborate conference provides a great opportunity for us to show them that we care. Our main goal each year is that every customer leaves Collaborate feeling valued, understood and appreciated. Josh Snow, Field Engineer at Garney Construction shared, “The customer appreciation event exceeded expectations. It was a great opportunity to see and network with the team that is working on, well, Viewpoint Team!”

Ideas and Feedback Are Appreciated

Your thoughts and ideas are welcome! Customer feedback enhances our ability to update and make Viewpoint’s solutions work better for the people using it. At last year’s user conference, Grant Mongin, Business Systems Analyst at Corval Group had the chance to sit down with a Viewpoint team member and give feedback, “I was excited to share all the things I’m looking forward to in Team and other Viewpoint solutions.” We’re looking forward to having the chance to hear from more clients at Collaborate 2019.

Inspirational Speakers

One of our favorite parts of Collaborate is bringing in exciting keynote speakers to present at the conference. Last year’s speaker was a client favorite, “My favorite moment was the speaker Wednesday morning, Mel Robbins. I really enjoyed her presentation, she was amazing,” shared Diane Dalton, Project Accountant at Peninsula Custom Homes, Inc. We think that this year’s speaker will be just as magical!

We hope you enjoyed reading these memories from last year’s attendees as much as we did. Here’s to making even more great memories at this year’s Collaborate conference! We sure hope to see you there.

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