How to Build Your Own ‘Traffic Control Tower’ for Your Construction Data


The Viewpoint webinar 'Build a Traffic Control Tower' likens managing construction data to that of airport control towers, which have to seamlessly handle billions of bytes of data every day.

The ever increasing amount and complexity of data involved in today’s construction projects can be daunting to manage, let alone put to good use. Despite the challenges involved, however, leading contractors are realizing the potential of using new data to do much more than create reports. We’re seeing our industry transform — adopting digital technologies that in turn enable a transformation in the way data is used to drive better business decisions.

As part of becoming more data-driven, contractors are realizing the need for their own jobsite “control towers.” Just as airports need a way to monitor and control the complexities of air traffic, construction organizations are realizing the need for a centralized infrastructure that helps them manage the complexities of the job site.

Building Your Own Construction Data ‘Control Tower’

Join live for the Aug. 20 webinar, or stay tuned to for an on-demand version.

That’s exactly what will be discussed on the next episode of Oh Shift! Changing Construction Perspectives. Viewpoint and special guest, Coltivar Group founder Steven Coughran, will discuss how contractors can leverage today’s modern technology to build their own data “control towers” in the webinar: Build a Traffic Control Tower.

New data technologies are emerging as key components of this new information infrastructure. These technologies elevate the utilization of data beyond traditional “rear-view” looking reporting, providing contractors with powerful tools to put their data to use in making decisions that affect the future success of their operations. And after all, what good is data if you aren’t going to put it to use?

Data Traffic Control

Like airports, construction projects have to manage hundreds, if not thousands of data points every day. Having a cloud-based, integrated solution in place is vital in today's modern construction environments.

As data flies in from the job site, contractors need to be aware of what is coming in and have a plan in place for the use of that information. By transforming their data infrastructure, they can drive proactive decisions that give them a competitive advantage and help them grow their businesses.

To begin this transformation, contractors should start by asking some fundamental questions. What are the gaps and bottlenecks in data collection from the job site? What does the organization already have in place to capture, store, share and process data? How could we be putting our data to better use to perform safer, more productive and profitable work? With these questions in mind, organizations can design that information control tower.

Putting the Tech Infrastructure in Place

ViewpointOne and Viewpoint Analytics give contractors the modern data management tools they need to maximize the value of the data their projects produce.

With a plan in place for gathering and processing project data, it’s time to build a new information infrastructure. For businesses using multiple, disconnected software and IT systems, this is going to be more challenging. In order to be able to build the strongest control tower possible, companies should look at ways to consolidate the different “sinks and sources” of information across their organization. With data all in one place and accessible to advanced analytic engines, contractors can better realize the potential of that data to improve their financial and operational performance.

Once the metaphorical tower has been built, software systems are able to do their jobs. With solutions like Viewpoint Analytics (part of the connected, cloud-based ViewpointOne suite of construction solutions), little is needed from the company itself. Using predictive analysis, single software solutions are able to work with the provided algorithms to work through data and provide answers for the company.

As warnings and notifications are sent out as needed, contractors are able to focus on other areas of work knowing their data is being monitored and sorted through automatically. With software acting as the people in the control towers, the chaos of data is streamlined and decisions become easier to make.

Join us Thursday, August 20th for this special webinar as Viewpoint’s Bryan Kucinski, Viewpoint’s director of business development sits down with Coughran and Matt Harris, chief product officer at Viewpoint to share how you can build your own data traffic control for your own organization. To register for this webinar, please click here

Or, if you’d like your own personal demo of how the ViewpointOne and Viewpoint Analytics can help deliver your own controlled construction data environment, connect with us today!

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