Construction Analytics On the Go!


How data-driven construction professionals can leverage the cloud and mobile applications for real-time data analysis, wherever work takes them

Expanding access to detailed data and business intelligence to the field is empowering construction workforces to work quicker, smarter and more efficiently.

Data is the lifeblood of your construction projects. The more data you have at your fingertips, the better project and business management decisions you can make, leading to stronger profit margins.

As technology has advanced, the means in which today’s contractors can collect, view, segment, analyze and share the mountains of data their projects produce has improved dramatically. From digitizing data to remove manual processes like pen, paper and spreadsheets from the equation to moving to hosted cloud environments that enable real-time data processing and analysis to connected workflows built on real-time data, modern software is providing access to more data than ever before, allowing you to gain deeper insights into how your company works best.

This has led to a whole new generation of data-driven contractors that thrive on digging deep into project data to find new ways to innovate, better evaluate risks, boost productivity and even effectively forecast how future work will fare.

While this concept of construction business intelligence is nothing new, the ability to shape data to build strong narratives and models for success has been a game changer. Yet, until recently, these powers were restricted to the back office software, meaning data-driven construction professionals needed to be somewhat tethered to their ERP software solutions.

Construction Analytics Going Mobile

Construction professionals no longer have to be tethered to the back office to get access to, and analyze the latest construction project data.

That is no longer the case, as the next wave of construction technology applications is further taking advantage of the cloud to deliver these same data analytic tools to users wherever their work takes them, via web-enabled applications on their mobile devices.

Today, whether you’re on a jobsite, in the back office, in transit, or even working from the comforts of your own home or a local coffee shop, mobile analytics tools are expanding your access to real-time data and analysis tools, giving you the power you need to better understand your work and adapt on the fly.

Below, we’ll take a look at four cool things you can do with real-time, mobile analytics tools.

4 Cool Things You Can Do with Mobile Construction Analytics Tools

By democratizing your construction data, your teams can work quicker, avoid delays and better understand the impact of their work
  1. Get Access to Data and Reports Instantly

    Wherever work takes you, mobile analytics applications not only provide real-time access to data you could once only get from back-office systems, it gives you the capability to compare and segment data in ways that allow you to quickly find the information you need. Compare data from different sources and pull comprehensive reports with user-friendly business analytics tools.

  2. Self-Serve the Data You Need

    Beyond just accessing reports, you can quickly and easily use captured data to create comparisons between reports or data sets. View project information, tasks, and workflows that you need to know, and directly pull the data most relevant to your role. This can be applied across the organization to virtually any construction professional, whether in the back office, in the field as a supervisor, or a project manager or equipment manager.

  3. Democratize Your Data Across Your Organization with Secure, Permission-Based Workflows

    Mobile data analytics can be applied across the organization to virtually any construction professional, whether in the back office, in the field as a supervisor, or a project manager or equipment manager. This democratizes, and expands secure access to a single source of data truth for everyone Permission-based workflows ensure that the right users are getting access to the right data at the right time.

  4. Work Smarter, and Get Home in Time for Dinner

    Access to advanced data analytics can help identify areas of improvement and trigger opportunities to automate processes and workflows. The goal here is to work smarter, allowing technology to do the tough data math, facilitate tasks, auto-populate data fields throughout other functions and more. Eliminating these manual processes is critical to saving time and money: No more working late trying to compile data and figure out the right numbers.

For Mobile Construction Analytics, the Cloud is a Must

In order for real-time data and analytics tools to work on the go, cloud-based, mobile-enabled technology is needed.

In order to achieve this real-time data and access advanced construction analytics, it’s critical to migrate on-premises software management to the cloud. This is the key to getting real-time data workflows moving, as cloud technologies are powering today’s real-time data collection, access and sharing capabilities that modern analytical solutions draw from.

Of course, moving to a connected, cloud suite of construction management solutions is what makes mobile construction data analytics possible. With a connected software suite and a shared set of standardized construction data, data can flow seamlessly and allow users to pull virtually any data they want in a matter of minutes whereas traditional analysis via manual steps or disconnected legacy systems could take weeks or even months-and stands the likelihood of missing critical data along the way.

When you’re able to quickly analyze, compare, and digest data segments in ways that are relevant to you—via a single source of data truth—it will change the information game in your construction operations.

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