A Construction Software ‘Bad Romance’


Are Your On-Prem Construction Solutions No Longer Pulling Their Weight? It Might be Time to Dump Them!

If this is you, it's time to break up with your on-prem software.

We know it’s almost Valentine’s Day and we should be talking about love. But let’s face it, not all relationships are meant to last. We’re looking at you, on-prem construction software! As technology advances and new opportunities are presented, it might be time for your organization to move on to software that’s better suited to take care of its needs.

Now that cloud-based, connected construction software suites have entered the picture, you suddenly realize you can do better. We fully understand that break ups are challenging but sometimes they need to happen. And in the case of on-prem software, that’s a break up that needs to happen. But don’t worry! Here are five reasons you’ll be better off in a long-term relationship with cloud-based construction software.

1. Single Set of Connected Data

Now don’t let the word ‘single’ scare you away. Your organization will be more streamlined and efficient when using a connected construction platform. With a single set of connected data, everyone in your organization will have access to the information they need in real-time.

That means no more waiting around for paperwork to be delivered to the office, for data to be entered into the computer and documents to be shared between each individual platform. You deserve software that puts your needs first and makes sure you get what you need, when you need it.

2. Better Data Security

Secure your software relationship by securing your business data.

No one likes to feel insecure in their relationship. That goes for your organization’s vital data and workflows as well. With cloud-based construction software, your data is protected by a variety of security benefits like multi-factor authentication, secure single sign-on, third-party security certifications, and much more.

You don’t get that with on-prem software. What you do get is a higher likelihood of being the target of a cybersecurity attack (and that’s not good). So better secure your data and your software relationship by securing your business with cloud-based software.

3. Streamline Back-Office Processes

Too often does on-prem software create drawn out, manual processes that leads to a loss of time and money. By connecting the individual software solutions into a connected software suite, your office team will be better set up for success in the long-run.

When all organizational data is in a single location and updated in real-time, office staff aren’t burdened with manual entry. The potential for mistakes is decreased and office teams are able to spend more time focusing on more important tasks and projects. Why work harder when you can work smarter? And besides, wouldn’t you want to be in a software relationship that makes your employees happier and more productive?

4. Lower Cost

Don't let on-prem software come between you and your co-workers.

Stop throwing money at a lost cause! When your software is hosted on-prem, your organization will be responsible for the recurring costs of hardware, maintenance, software licensing, IT, and much more. With cloud-based construction software, these costs are often 4x less.

Don’t let expensive on-prem solutions talk you into keeping them around when those expenses are unnecessary. After all, who doesn’t love a cheap date?

5. Easily Accessible Data

The best relationships are built on communication and trust. Imagine a relationship where you can only communicate with your significant other when you’re in a certain location. That’s what your organization gets when using on-prem software.

Now with connected, cloud-based software, the opposite is true. Your organization’s data is accessible anywhere, at any time, and you can trust that that information is consistently up to date and accurate. All your team needs is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This means that your employees can update and access real-time data from the field, without the need for a physical office.

We know that breakups can be challenging, but we hope you’ll give cloud-based, connected construction software a chance. When you’re ready, let us know and learn how Trimble Construction One can make your organization’s software relationship dreams come true!

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Kati is an Associate Manager of Customer Advocacy at Trimble Viewpoint, enthusiastic about all things marketing and construction.