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5 Keys to Maximizing Your Construction Software Investments


Today’s contractors operate in one of the most challenging business environments of any industry. From dealing with increasing demands to build bigger, faster and more efficiently to struggling to find skilled workers, and ensuring rigid safety practices that keep them safe to staying on top of project costs, risks and timelines, there is no typical day in construction.

Having to deal with all of the above while balancing historically razor-thin profit margins mean contractors often walk a fine line between success and failure. That’s why its important for your organization to continuously look for ways to improve processes and gain efficiencies.

Are You Getting the Most from Your Software?

Consistently reviewing the features and functionality of your software and technology solutions can help maximize efficiencies throughout your organization.

Technology has played a large part in helping contractors transform their operations, modernize to automate workflows, streamline data into single sources of truth and extend collaboration beyond the walls of the office. But how do you know you’re using that technology to its full potential? Are you asking yourself “What could be done better and more efficiently?” Is there a consistent effort being made to assess needs and learn about new processes and tools to address them? Are you staying on top of new technology advancements and developments that could help your teams dramatically improve productivity or solve key challenges?

When it comes to your construction ERP software, these were questions that were typically left to someone like an IT professional or a CFO that purchased the software. But as technology has evolved and more and more contractors are moving from on-premise software to cloud-based solutions, that dynamic is changing. The folks using your software every day are becoming more tech savvy and thus, much more open to exploring functionality beyond traditional silos.

So why not empower these users to help your organization better leverage your technology investments and squeeze every bit of relevant functionality you can? Think of creating dedicated teams committed to improving internal processes, planning ahead, innovating and staying informed on the latest advancements to ensure that software is used to its full potential.

The 5 Tips to Ensuring Technology Success

Whether you’re an entire team or one dedicated person, here is a cheat sheet with five key things your organization should be doing. Follow these steps and you might be surprised at what additional efficiencies and opportunities you can uncover:

1. Keep software up to date on the latest version

This one may seem obvious, but many contractors do not keep the vital business and construction management software that runs their business up to date. Technology changes quickly, but with cloud and subscription-based software solutions, vendors are rolling out valuable updates and new features to end users all the time. So, why not take advantage by ensuring your organization is always working with the latest version. If not, you could be missing out on key features and functionality. After all, updated software is a service you’re already paying for, so reap the rewards.

2. Keep yourself up to date with the software

Staying on the latest version to achieve seamless feature and functionality updates is a good start, but truly understanding the software and the entirety of its features and functionality is vital to getting the most out of it. Here are some ways to stay updated:

  • Read the release notes when new versions of the software are issued
  • Read the product enhancement briefs when new features or functionality are released
  • Attend webinars on new features
  • Join user forums or online communities like our Viewpoint Network to engage in learning and peer-to-peer discussions
  • Attend user conferences like Viewpoint’s Collaborate Conference

3. Adopt the relevant new features

Once you’re in the know about new features and functionality, identify which enhancements will bring the most value to your business. Set up and test the new features and create a training plan to bring end users up to speed on how to use or apply them with their workflows. Having the latest, relevant features in your software will give you an immediate leg up with boosting productivity and profitability within your organization.

4. Make process improvement continuous

Reviewing needs and adding new features should never be a one-and-done act. To stay on the cutting edge and give your organization the best roadmap to success, this needs to be a continual process. Consider creating a process improvement team and budget the appropriate time and resources. And, build this principle into your overall company strategy so the entire team is always looking for ways to improve.

5. Set clear goals for improvement

Whether it’s your process review team or your end users, clear goals should be set. What issues or challenges do you want to solve? How will you be able to measure? To do this, you’ll need to identify bottlenecks, clearly state desired improvements to your team(s) and follow consistent timelines in order to stay accountable.

Consider a Viewpoint Customer Solution Review

Viewpoint clients can get their own Customer Solution Review to ensure they're getting the most out of their software investment.

Viewpoint is committed to working with its clients to keep them up to date with their construction technology solutions. If your company is running an older version of our software, has had turnover with key decision makers, or is not sure where to start with assessing your current software utilization, Viewpoint Professional Services can help make it easy for you. Simply log into your ClearView account and under the Services tab, click Request Custom Services and complete the form. You can expect to hear from a member of the Professional Services team shortly.

Viewpoint is the trusted technology partner for more than 8,000 contractors across the globe. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company grow.

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