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5 Intriguing Stats on Construction Data and the Jobsite


Technology is significantly improving data capture at construction jobsites.

The power of data is becoming clear for contractors. As construction technology advances and extend the data collection, analysis and collaborative sharing capabilities, it’s becoming much easier for contractors to work seamlessly between the office and the field or jobsite, sharing data and making important project decision in real time.

That’s significant in an industry that traditionally has had to wait anywhere from days to months to collect and analyze data from the field. By the time important information on project changes, job costs, equipment usage, defect reports or other facets of the project, work was likely completed, or errors already made meaning costly rework and additional time was needed to correct problems.

A recent report, Improving Performance with Project Data, compiled by Dodge Data & Analytics and Viewpoint shines a spotlight on just how important it is for contractors to have up-to-date, accurate data as close to real time as possible — and how modern technology and software is helping turn the tide. In that report, there are a number of intriguing findings about field/jobsite data and processes.

Here is a brief look at five statistics you might find of interest:

1. 54% — Percentage of Contractors Who View Ability to Gather Accurate Data from the Field as a Priority

Contractors that selected their three most important capabilities that need to be improved over the next three years listed the ability to gather accurate data from the field as their top priority, with 54% of them listing this. Also of note: 42% of contractors said they needed to get data from the field more promptly.

2. 74% — Percentage of Contractors Happy with Commercial Software for Construction Data Collection

Manual and paper processes can be daunting and time consuming. It’s no surprise that only 28% of contractors are OK with using paper processes, while just 47% are satisfied with spreadsheets. Unfortunately, a large number of contractors are still relying on both of these methods for data collection from the jobsite. However, 74% of contractors noted they were happy with the capabilities of modern commercial construction software.

3. 93% and 91% — Percentage of General Contractors and Specialty Contractors (respectively) that List Project Performance Data as the Most Important Type of Project Data

Project performance data like job costs and work in progress (WIP) was listed as the most important data pulled from the field by both general contractors (93%) and specialty contractors (91%). Additionally, payroll and labor hours came in second with 71% of general contractors and 91% of specialty contractors listing it among their top needs. While productivity data placed third with 71% of general contractors and 87% of specialty contractors listing as one of their main data priorities.

4. 59% — Percentage of Contractors Still Using Manual Processes to Collect, Track Safety Data

Despite the recent spotlight on construction safety incidents and the industry’s push for safer jobsites, more than half of contractors are still relying on manual processes to collect and analyze safety data. Currently, 34% are still using spreadsheets and 25% are somehow still using paper forms. However, those numbers are expected to change exponentially within the next three years. A whopping 79% of contractors surveyed are expected to switch to construction management software to securely track safety data.

5. 82% and 72% — Percentage of General and Specialty Contractors (respectively) Using Mobile Apps to Capture Field Data

With nearly everyone owning a smartphone or tablet device these days, most folks are comfortable with utilizing mobile applications to facilitate tasks. So, it only makes sense that 82% of general contractors and 72 percent of specialty contractors are using these devices and apps on the jobsite. Additionally, 79% of general contractors and 38 percent of specialty contractors are using cameras (usually on their smart devices). We’ve all heard of the use of drones in construction, but how many general contractors are actually use them in the field? We found out that 37% of those surveyed are already using them.

The Improving Performance with Project Data report is chock full of valuable statistics on construction data and technology. Access your complimentary copy here. Or, if you’d like to know more about how the latest construction software can help improve your organization, please contact us. We’d love to show you how real-time, construction-specific integrated software can help reduce your project risks and increase profit.

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