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2021 Viewpoint Construction Awards Now Open


With the COVID-19 pandemic still lingering as the world attempts a transition back to normality, we recognize the many unique challenges the construction industry has faced in the past year. Despite these challenges, our customers have found new and creative ways to pivot their business processes and keep moving forward.

Every year we honor these organizations that overcome odds, innovate or think outside of the box during challenging times with our Viewpoint Construction Awards. This year, we are continuing the tradition, and adding an exciting new category to our awards.

We want to know how you’ve overcome the challenges of this last year to complete your projects. Have you found a new and creative use for Viewpoint technology? Have you implemented new ideas that helped your construction organization grow? We want to hear your story!

Please take a moment to check out the 2021 Viewpoint Construction Awards and consider submitting your organization. Here is a look at our three award categories:

Most Challenging Project: This award goes to a contractor who was able to push past difficult circumstances to complete a project. As the industry makes it’s comeback from the COVID-19 pandemic, contractors have had to face many new challenges. Whatever that project or business challenge might have been, we want to hear about it.

Most Creative Use of Viewpoint Technology: Our customers are always finding new and creative ways to use Viewpoint technology. Have you found a new way to use Viewpoint solutions that allows you to get your job done easier? Have you developed your own technology or processes to work in tandem with Viewpoint solutions? We want you to share your success stories.

Most Exponential Growth in a Year: The past year has shown that despite a pandemic, contractors can still be successful and even grow. We hope that our technology has played a role in helping your company develop in new ways. Tell us how Viewpoint solutions have helped your organization grow its projects, processes, or people.

To submit your organization for one of the 2021 Viewpoint Construction Awards, please fill out the submission form here.

Leading by Example

Want an idea of what a Viewpoint Award-winning project looks like? Here is a look at a couple of of our previous award winners:

Greatest Pivot on a Project 2020: Westchester Community Center Alternative Care Facilities (ACF) — Haugland Group

Haugland Group completed the Westchester Community Center Alternative Care Facilities in just 21 days with +85,000 hours and zero safety incidents. The project supplied the community with necessary space and resources to care for those affected by COVID-19. With the use of Viewpoint technology, the organization was able to have and send the most up to date versions of documents to all entities involved, making the building process as seamless as possible to meet their tight deadline. To learn more about Haugland Group’s project, watch the video below.

Most Challenging Project 2019: Boston Harbor Submarine Cable Project — Caldwell Marine International

On short notice, Caldwell Marine was hired to remove and install three miles of submarine cable across Boston Harbor, making it the winner of the 2019 Most Challenging Project award. Despite the quick timeline, compressed schedule, and a busy harbor, the construction crew was able to lay the cable, providing a main power source between South Boston and Deer Island. To learn more about this achievement, check out the video below.

We look forward to reading about your projects and cannot wait to celebrate your accomplishments. Don’t forget to save the date for our Collaborate 2021 conference (Sept. 14-16). Stay on the lookout for the agenda and registration information shortly!

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