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A single, cloud-based, integrated construction solution gives contractors all of the tools they need and the flexibility to use them as they need.

As more and more contractors modernize their operations — digitizing data, automating workflows and moving to the cloud to work in real time, they’re realizing efficiencies and cost savings that many never realized were possible before.

We’ve heard the stories: by streamlining back office tasks with a new software solution a contractor saved thousands of labor hours; moving to the cloud helped another contractor significantly reduce IT management headaches and spend for things like hardware maintenance and data backups; yet another contractor saw cost savings in reduced errors and rework in the field due to real-time collaboration that modern technology can provide. Now, contractors are looking at the software systems themselves and realizing that less could equal far more.

A Single Source of Truth

While implementing modern software and technologies are certainly beneficial for today’s contactors to keep pace with demand, they may not be realizing the true levels of efficiency if their technology strategy involves multiple, disparate solutions that don’t integrate well with each other. While each separate program may work well for its intended use (e.g. a back-office accounting system, a separate project management solution and multiple apps or tools for the field), without true integration between the systems that different departments rely on, each department will still find themselves siloed.

Sharing data between departments or teams would still rely on manual processes like spreadsheets and email, and data will often have to be rekeyed into systems of record. If there is an API connection between programs, that connection needs to be consistently monitored as changes to either software solution could break that connection. And even then, the way data is displayed or fields are often not the same between solutions, leading to more manual processes to reconcile — or costly customizations of one or both solutions.

Common construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms that combine functionalities in one package and use the same set of data throughout have helped dramatically to pull teams together in collaborative environments, but these can have limitations in terms of specific functionality that teams outside of the home office need. And, many of these programs are all-nothing, meaning that contractors are often paying for functionality they may not need in order to get the integrated tools they do. These systems trade the flexibility for contractors to build out technology stacks for their organization and scale as they grow for a more integrated experience.

So how can contractors get the best of both worlds?

Welcome to ViewpointOne

Unlike software that solves a single need for customers or compels them to work within the restraints of a larger, out-of-the-box ERP solution, ViewpointOne provides construction companies with a complete, integrated software suite that seamlessly connects back-office professionals with field operations and entire project teams. Hosted in the cloud, ViewpointOne combines Viewpoint’s own leading construction ERP offerings with its collaborative Team and Field products, giving customers a single source of truth in an integrated and flexible system for managing operations, improving productivity and enabling better decision making.

And, it’s flexible, allowing users to bundle the functionality they need and scale software to fit their needs, maximizing contractors’ technology investment. With ViewpointOne, contractors get all the tools they need at their disposal — when they need them — allowing contractors to manage their operations and growth on their terms:

  • Access to the latest modern technologies — users automatically have the latest versions of software, optimized for their use, allowing them to take advantage of new tools and solutions as they’re developed.
  • A highly-secure operating environment, with the latest cloud security measures, validated by third-party defense cyber warfare experts
  • The highest level of business continuity protection with automatic data backups and redundancy that exceed industry best practices
  • Stronger, smarter performance with streamlined workflows, automated processes, top-of-the-line operating speeds and advanced interconnectivity
  • Cutting-edge connectivity with low bandwidth 4G LTE support for anywhere, anytime user access – no matter where work takes them, with offline capabilities throughout
  • A proven experience with more than 350,000 daily cloud users, a dedicated cloud support team and peer user groups across the globe

Not only that, we know it’s easier to support change when the benefits are clear, so we’ve put together documentation on how ViewpointOne helps so many of the professionals we work with daily – from project managers to HR, payroll to service management. Read how ViewpointOne benefits different construction personas and how it could make your professional life mush easier.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to schedule your own personal ViewpointOne demo or learn how Viewpoint’s full range of construction management solutions could help your organization.

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