Such Great Heights: The 5 Tallest Buildings of the Year


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Predicting top-outs is not a perfect science. Weather, financing, delays, and more can affect when a job comes to completion no matter how small or tall a build is. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat tracks all the data, compiling the who, what, when, and where of the tallest structures in the world.

If you need some inspiration to push through the last weeks of summer, learn more about five tallest building projects aiming for completion in the next year.

Wuhan Greenland Center

Wuhan, China

Height: 2,087 feet

The Wuhan Greenland Center will be China’s third tallest building and the fourth tallest in world. The 125-story tower will consist of office space, luxury apartments, and a five-star hotel. To address wind and seismic construction, the triangular floor plan narrows to provide stability. The structural system is built of composite concrete core and steel plates. The building features an all-glass facade, and the tower’s top dome will provide a well-illuminated space to highlight the tower’s structure and drama.

Global Financial Center Tower 1

Shenyang, China

Height: 1,864 feet

The Global Financial Center Tower 1 overlooks the Youth Park and the Nanyun River.

Nicknamed the “Pearl of the North” for its giant inset pearl that will house an executive club, the Global Financial Center Tower 1 will be the tallest building in Shenyang, and the highest of the seven towers making up the complex. The tower will comprise 114 above-ground floors, with the design featuring conical extrusions as a nod to nomadic tent entrances of the Qing dynasty.

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre

Tianjin, China

Height: 1,739 feet

The Tianjin CTF Finance Centre features curving glass skin integrating eight sloping mega-columns to maximize stability.

The Tianjin CTF Finance Centre is being built and designed to LEED Gold standards, featuring high-performance, optimized daylighting, and eco-conscious landscaping. The building will encompass a trifecta of offices, luxury apartments, and a hotel. To minimize the surface area exposed to the elements, the tower tapers dramatically and multistory wind vents reduce vortex shedding.

China Zun Tower

Beijing, China

Height: 1,732 feet

The China Zun Tower will feature 108 above-ground floors and an observatory.

The China Zun Tower is designed in the shape of an ancient Chinese ceremonial vessel called a zun. Unlike the other supertalls above, the large top tower poses structural challenges, but uses its large base to provide balance and stability. Parametric modeling was used to meet the seismic city building requirements.

Lakhta Center

St. Petersburg, Russia

Height: 1,516 feet

The Lakhta Center’s spire shape was designed to symbolize the power of water.

Situated on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, the Lakhta Center will comprise offices, a planetarium, a medical center, a performance hall, and a bank. The design focuses on eco-conscious practices, and the color-changing glass facade provides natural ventilation and thermal insulation while being the largest volume of glass ever used on a high-rise building.

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