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Service Tech Mobile Unveiled at AHR


The recent AHR 2020 Expo was a showcase of the very latest — and coolest — technologies for service contractors. From cutting-edge air and water purification systems to virtual reality headsets to advanced sensors and alert systems to enhance safety, one thing is clear: service contractors today have a lot more tools at their disposal than they have in years past.

And good thing too, since another recurring theme is that service work is certainly in no danger of going away. In fact, it looks to be a growing segment for 2020 and beyond. So, how can service contractors and their technicians streamline and easily manage all of this work — especially when that work constantly keeps them on the go?

The answer lies with Trimble Viewpoint’s Service Tech mobile solution.

A Mobile Solution to Automate Service Work

Mobile Device with Screenshot of the Service Tech App
Trimble Viewpoint's new Service Tech mobile solution

Trimble Viewpoint was pleased to introduce the mobile version of it Service Tech™ app for service contractors during AHR. Service Tech provides service technicians with an easy-to-use mobile field tool to manage and review work orders, assign and update labor, collect electronic signatures, upload jobsite photos and forms, and much more.

The mobile app was designed to specifically address the specific content-entry needs of iOS and Android smartphone users, making it easier and faster for service technicians to enter job details while on the go. Technicians can now streamline and report back on their service activities from any mobile-enabled device — whether working online or offline.

Mobile Device with Screenshot of Service Tech
Service Tech allows technicians to easily log in and digitally complete their work orders.

With Service Tech, technicians can provide comprehensive, relevant data in real time — without the need to call back to the office. Before starting the day, they can see all work orders assigned to them, add and read related notes about the jobsite or customer, and access maps for directions to jobsites. Once working, technicians can make notes about the jobsite or equipment, record time on jobs or service sites, upload photos and more.

Available as part of the Trimble Construction One suite, the Service Tech mobile app is just one of several mobile applications available to Viewpoint clients to help connect the office, team and field for contractors of all sizes.

Check out this short demo of Service Tech at AHR, presented by Mark Schwartz, senior product manager for Trimble Viewpoint’s Spectrum construction management solution:

Turning Service Technicians into Service Managers

Service technician working on the field with mobile solution.
Service Tech empowers technicians in the field by giving them the resources they need in an easy-to-use tool.

The automated workflows provided by Service Tech are freeing service technicians from cumbersome administrative processes, while giving them more powerful functionality and data at their fingertips. This is empowering service contractors to turn their technicians into service managers in the field. They no longer have to wait for answers from the back office teams, or play the role of data administrator and perform a series of manual processes to input data from the field into systems back in the office. Mobile solutions can streamline the data and workflows, syncing with the office instantly. This means:

  • Technicians are able to concentrate on the work they were trained for
  • Better collaboration and data management is gained between the field and the office
  • When technicians determine additional work is needed, they’re able to access data, provide quick estimates, and keep both work and the sales process moving smoothly
  • Customer satisfaction improves as work is done quickly and correctly the first time, while the ability to perform tasks like collecting electronic signatures for work orders or taking payments from the field makes for a smooth process for everyone involved
  • Technicians become more invested in both the contractor’s and clients’ success and can actively work to create new business opportunities

The Power of Integrated Software Solutions

Service contractor working in the field.
Service contractors today have a host of technologies at their disposal to automate once cumbersome workflows between the office and field.

Today’s leading service contractors are turning to integrated, cloud-based construction management software with specific features designed to streamline service workflows. In the back office, these solutions allow users to easily manage service contracts and create work orders with a few clicks of a mouse, relying on powerful client contact databases to fill in historical and site information.

Intuitive dispatch boards can schedule technicians and allow the flexibility to change their work on the fly based on priority or availability. Service contracts can also be automatically drafted and sent out for review and renewals, saving countless hours of preparation.

Software integration is also expanding the scope of what service contractors can do. For instance, another integration highlighted at AHR by both Viewpoint and parent company Trimble showed how complete estimates from Trimble’s MEP Estimating solution could be imported directly to Viewpoint’s Spectrum ERP software in just seconds. This saves service contractors’ back offices valuable time in having to re-key estimate information for service construction projects. The integration also reduced the chances of errors or missing information.

These intuitive service solutions are available for contractors today, but as technology advances, there are even more opportunities to streamline service work further.

Want more to learn more about how these solutions could help your company, or interested in your own personal demonstration of Service Tech? Contact us today!

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