McKinsey Construction Technology Expert to Take Center Stage at Collaborate 2018


He leads McKinsey & Company’s engineering and construction practice in North America; professionally advises capital project leaders across the project lifecycle; and has a passion for unlocking value through new technologies for engineers and contractors.

He’s Jose Luis Blanco. And he’s a keynote speaker at Viewpoint’s Collaborate 2018 user conference.

Next week, thousands of contractors from across the globe will gather at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Ore. to learn the latest construction industry trends and best practices, how to get the most out of their construction software, network with other construction professionals and hear from industry leaders and experts.

Blanco is one of those industry leaders who inspires and invigorates. His comprehensive research helps construction companies understand the technology landscape and how they can benefit from it. At Collaborate, Blanco will discuss his latest study on the rapid expansion of the construction technology ecosystem. His session will reveal new data on pockets of technological innovation across the capital project value chain and highlight best practices for smart, sustainable digital transformation.

Mapping the Construction Technology Ecosystem

In McKinsey’s study of the selection of construction technology available to the industry, the company notes a trend of four emerging “constellations” of connected solutions. These are: 3-D printing, modularization and robotics; artificial intelligence and analytics; digital twins; and supply chain optimization and marketplaces. Three of these constellations – 3-D printing, modularization and robotics; twin models; and artificial intelligence and analytics are poised to be transformational for the industry.

Prepping for a Digital Future

Based on the research, how does McKinsey think the industry can accelerate its transition to a digital future?

For Owners:

Blanco encourages owners to focus on understanding their organization’s unique economic case for technology. He encourages them to identify and prioritize the use cases that will have both a long term impact and a medium-to short-term impact for generating momentum.

For Firms:

Blanco notes firm leadership should expand the skillsets of existing employees, as well as hire new candidates with technical expertise. Providing continuous training and upskilling programs for employees is key.

With additional detail, Blanco’s keynote at Collaborate 2018 will help attendees understand the varied ways their companies can scale and optimize their construction technology in order to remain as profitable as possible now and in the years to come.