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How to Simplify the Service Management Process


The Road to Successful Service Management
The right construction technology can place service management processes on the road to success; removing frustration and time consuming tasks.

In just 15 minutes, you’ll learn how the right solutions, like Spectrum’s Service Tech Mobile, can ease the time and stress of service management requests.

A phone call comes in. The service request from the phone call is written on a piece of paper or entered into a system. A work order is produced and gets sent to a technician ( likely via email). The tech, using either paper or a mobile device then fills out information he or she needs and that information needs to be updated in the back office system.

This disconnected process, which many service contractors are relying on today, not only requires significant duplicate data entry, but leaves plenty of room for error. The service request could be lost or maybe misunderstood. The tech is frustrated, calling the office to find out what needs to be completed. An invoice for the work the tech has performed is not received or can’t be found. Does any of this sound familiar?

There is a way to remove several clunky steps from your service management processes — especially the time and frustration associated with service management requests. That “way” is though modern, connected construction management software.

Take 15 Webinar: Simplifying Service Management

In this on-demand webinar, Viewpoint Senior Product Manager Mark Schwartz, discusses how the procedural map associated with service management can include fewer stops and get construction organizations on a path to success. As he demonstrates using Spectrum’s Service Tech Mobile solution — part of the connected ViewpointOne suite, integrated software that connects your people, projects and processes can help you overcome:

  • Manual Processes: Avoid errors and disconnected processes with one, easy-to-use mobile solution that allows techs to enter and see pertinent information in real time.
  • Data Duplication: Remove double entry with increased visibility into requests
  • Time Constraints: Gain insight into the field, fill work orders and schedule and manage information-seamlessly.

Learn how you can gain control of your construction organization and quit paying for it in time and stress with an integrated construction management solution. Watch the full Take 15 webinar below!

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