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In 15 minutes, you’ll learn how to gain control of data and analytics with ViewpointOne

Improve Construction Data
Utilize data in the field and office in real time with ViewpointOne. Make critical business decisions immediately.

Today, getting accurate construction data and reports is imperative. After all, this is how construction organizations can accurately predict profit fade, gain, margins and ultimately, become stronger. Is there an easier and more efficient way to gain access to better construction data and utilize that information to make better and exceptional business decisions? The answer is yes.

Our recent Take 15 webinar hosted by Viewpoint Analytics Product Manager Kiran Penaka, demonstrates how project managers can utilize ViewpointOne to create and share imperative reports such as WIP, job cost by phase and more. These can lead to quick and more profitable decision making.

Listen to the webinar: Gain Control with Better Data and Analytics

After the webinar, you’ll understand how to:

  1. Easily access job financials
  2. Get the most critical information - get what you need when you need it
  3. Gain control of data and make better business decisions while predicting profit fade and revenue growth with more accuracy

Data is updated in real time - allowing you to quickly see where you are losing cost and change your course of action.

Learn how to better utilize data and reports to make better business decisions in fifteen minutes with ViewpointOne. Listen to one of our latest Take 15 webinars: Gain Control with Better Data and Analytics.

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