Fine Tuning Field Service Operations


Technicians need to have all of the information with them in the field so they can focus on quality work rather than paperwork and administrative processes.

We all know the feeling that’s paired with a poor service experience. The electrician shows up an hour after your scheduled appointment. The plumber doesn’t have the parts they need to fix your leaking toilet. Regardless of the issues, you’re left with a bad taste in your mouth and the next time a service was needed, you likely called a different company. 

As a technician, these experiences are ones you should avoid at all cost. Being a service contractor can be a tricky business and customer relationships are key to growth and success. Eliminating manual processes and empowering your technicians in the field with the right technologies lets you put your clients first and ensure you start every job off on the right foot.

Bye Bye Manual Processes

The last thing technicians want to do is spend their day completing a variety of manual administrative processes and paperwork.

Service work relies on contracts, regular maintenance and repairs to keep cash flowing when larger construction projects are slow or unavailable. Without regular maintenance contracts and repeat clients who call when help is needed, work can be difficult to find. That’s why developing strong relationships with clients is important.

When you are on a service job, your technicians are the face of your company. It’s important they have the tools they need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Not only does this benefit your client, but it also benefits you because the sooner jobs are completed, the sooner bills can be paid.

So let’s look closer at these interactions. As a technician, your job is to get the necessary service work done, not be a process facilitator. The last thing you want to do is spend your day completing a variety of manual administrative processes and paperwork, falling more and more behind on your schedule as the day goes along. Ordering parts for projects, waiting for your back office team to email you site data and searching through files for directions to the next project location are all tasks that you shouldn’t have to spend your time completing.

By implementing software and mobile solutions that streamline these processes, your time is opened up to focus on what matters most — your clients.

Setting Out on the Right Foot

Cloud solutions like Spectrum's Service Tech Mobile or Vista Field Service can simplify work orders in the field and streamline data sharing with the back office.

Technologies like Viewpoint’s Service Tech Mobile and Field Service solutions take the work out of work orders, allowing service contractors and the technicians they assign to be agile and responsive, improving the overall quality of work and the customer experience.

How do these tools work? If you’re a service tech, you have everything you need at your fingertips to start each day off right. Before hitting the road, you can check a mobile device to see all the work orders assigned for the day, read related notes on each project, and access directions to the job site. This gives you time to gather or order the right parts and ask questions before even arriving on location.

While on the job, you can view all work order information, assign costs, update records and utilize the electronic signature capture for customers to sign acknowledging the work performed. Work orders can be quickly closed and submitted, and invoices immediately issued, allowing you to take off for the next job. These mobile solutions let you self-manage work and improve your speed and accuracy.

When you don’t have to sit around and wait for information from back office teams or perform a series of manual processes on site, quality of work begins to improve. But most importantly, your customers are kept happy, and they will know who to call next time your expertise is needed.

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