Construction Human Resources

Reduce labor costs and time-consuming HR processes by connecting your managers and staff activity directly to your accounting system.

What’s Keeping Human Resources from Being Productive?

From finding talented construction employees to staying compliant to duplicate emails, it’s no wonder human resources has a hard time keeping up with current demands in the construction industry.

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Finding Talented Construction Employees

Finding and keeping talent is difficult in construction—especially due to the construction labor shortage . With manual applicant tracking and processes, keeping track of applicants is time consuming and human resources has to work through manual processes or outdated system in order to recruit employees.

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Duplication and Manual Processes

It’s hard to communicate with other teams in the organisation and duplications arise when there isn’t one system of record or one place to house information that can be viewed from anytime and anyplace. Information such as employee hours, paid time off, labor and production data, certifications are hard to keep track of and employees lack visibility into this information—meaning they are constantly reaching out to HR—wasting time and resources.

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Staying and Keeping Track of Construction Compliance

From building codes to credit and background checks, once the compliance is known, how does HR effectively know and make sure relevant people in their construction organisation are aware of these compliances? Disseminating compliance information and collecting data via paper often leads to delays, lost information and outdated documents.

Become a Human Resources Success

You can remove manual processes, make the applicant and new hire process easier, keep track of compliance and be efficient without wasting precious time. This can be done with software built specifically for construction human resources teams.

Quickly Find and Attract Talented Construction Employees

Use technology to help automate processes, stay in-touch with field workers and save time communicating with employees. Solving these challenges lower risks associated with hiring practices, helps companies stay consistent and compliant with regulations and increases the employee satisfaction — all of which have a significant impact on the company bottom line

Duplication and Manual Processes

Viewpoint HR Management simplifies the hiring process for HR teams and applicants alike, providing a single solution to upload documents, check their application status, and more. And when hired the HR Management portal allows easy access to documents like employee handbooks, training and benefit information and more. Employees can facilitate their own HR needs, allowing them to focus on the tasks they were hired for. Employee’s self service portal reduces duplication and errors – employees can request time off, review benefits and training without HR.

Make Sure Everyone is in Compliance

With software built specifically for human resources teams in construction, you can easily access personnel information to search for specific skills or training. Maintain salary history and review information and keep track of scheduled review dates.” When you’re dealing with compliance, you need to have easy access to information and make data visible throughout your organisation. Doing so not only helps you stay ahead of possible compliance document expirations, it also helps you respond quickly in the event a compliance issue arises.

Using Viewpoint HR Management for our benefits enrollment really streamlined the process. Our mobile workforce was able to efficiently elect benefits through the portal, saving loads of paper and time. The Viewpoint team was responsive in helping us design, develop and implement our enrollment process. We felt like partners rather than just customers.
– Jeff Pyles, HR Manager, FHG Inc.

Launch Your Business with Viewpoint Construction Accounting Software

Cloud-based, collaborative accounting software to help take your business to new heights. Real-time data for contingency planning, forecasting and tracking.

All-in-One Construction Software Suite

Hosted in the cloud, ViewpointOne combines the industry’s best construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) offerings with our Team and Field products, giving you an integrated and flexible system for managing operations, improving productivity and enabling better decision making.

Step Up Your HR Management Game

From managing time off to streamlining recruiting and on-boarding to providing a robust employee self-service portal for HR documents, pay statements and more, Viewpoint HR Management is the tool that improves HR processes, resulting in time and cost savings.

Collaborative Construction Accounting

Viewpoint Financial Controls™ allows construction companies to achieve real-time collaboration between their accounting and operations teams without hidden expenses, hassle and data mapping issues that are common with third-party integrations. Project managers and operations get access to AP review, purchasing and job billing information and workflow from your ERP in real-time from a mobile device. 

Field-to-Office Data Integration

Viewpoint Field Management™ puts real-time, easy-to-use capabilities for labor time & production unit capture, PO and material requisition, training, huddles, equipment management and more into the hands of field personnel in a responsively designed web app that’s usable on virtually any mobile device.