McGuire and Hester Chooses Viewpoint to Improve Company Operations

Portland, Oregon – January 17, 2017 – Viewpoint Construction Software®, a leading provider of innovative software solutions for the construction industry, is pleased to announce that McGuire and Hester has selected Viewpoint as a technology partner, purchasing Vista™ by Viewpoint as well as Viewpoint For Projects™. McGuire and Hester is a one-stop shop for a full range of heavy civil engineering and construction services on the west coast.

McGuire and Hester had been using their previous accounting system, Dexter & Chaney Spectrum, for more than a decade. Asked about their need for change, President Robert Doud explained, “We had been with our prior accounting software company since 2001. While it provided a good solution to accounting, we felt that we were having to piecemeal other software programs together to answer some of our business needs. In addition, we had new and continuing problems with the software after they had switched to a web-based system.”

What ultimately led McGuire and Hester to first consider Viewpoint? “We heard about Viewpoint from some of our competitors who had switched over to Viewpoint. So we decided to look as well,” says Doud

After doing their due diligence, Doud and his colleagues felt Viewpoint offered the knowledge and integrated platform for their needs, both current and future. “In addition to a good accounting system, we felt that Viewpoint had done a really good job answering the needs for some of our other departments,” said Doud. “I remember the day sitting down with our HR Manager and safety office and every question that was asked of Viewpoint, they had an answer and showed us how they dealt with the issue within their software. We all left that meeting very impressed that Viewpoint had really taken into consideration the business as a whole.”

About McGuire and Hester
McGuire and Hester is a one-stop shop for a full range of heavy civil engineering and construction services. They take on large and small projects for both public and private sector clients. Each of their specialty groups – pipelines, grading, paving, concrete, landscape and mechanical – is staffed by construction industry experts with years of experience and a shared commitment to personal service. Because they perform all phases of civil projects, their clients can avoid the complications of working with multiple subcontractors. The result is accelerated project scheduling, reduction of scope gaps, more consistent quality, and improved on-the-job safety. And their longtime commitment to on-the-job safety is backed by a comprehensive, award winning, in-house safety program.

About Viewpoint Construction Software
Viewpoint is a provider of innovative construction-specific software solutions to the global construction and capital project industries. Viewpoint provides the tools these industries need to improve project profitability through better visibility, risk management and real-time team collaboration. Viewpoint solutions address the full construction life-cycle from planning/bidding to construction and facilities maintenance. Viewpoint’s solutions are offered on a variety of platforms, including Cloud, Mobile, SaaS and On Premises. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA, and with offices in the UK and Australia, Viewpoint has become the technology partner of choice, with customers located across the globe in more than 28 countries. These customers include more than 40 percent of the ENR 400, and over 20 percent of the ENR 600. For more information, please visit