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Why JRC, Inc. Moved to the Cloud with Vista Remote Link


When Nashville, Tenn.-based JRC, Inc. first formed more than 30 years ago, the roofing company was able to carve out a nice niche as a trusted local contractor. Today, with more than 30,000 projects across 48 states under its belt, it has grown into a significant venture.

Of course, with significant growth comes new challenges, and the company soon began to realize the setbacks it was facing due to a disconnected data system and manual processes. As the need to keep up with the industry grew, so did JRC’s need for new technologies to run its operations. Specifically, the company was looking for a way to reduce administrative burdens and streamline its workflows, while continuing to drive new growth opportunities.

Making the Move to the Cloud — At Just the Right Time

JRC's business has grown significantly and the company needed a way to better track the financials and work progress of its expansive project portfolio.

As JRC began the search for new technology, the company’s leadership team knew they needed to be operating in the cloud and taking advantage of real-time data and processes. They wanted something similar to Viewpoint Vista. However, without a high-level IT person to run the on-prem ERP, the company would not be able to maintain the software. Luckily, they were able to choose Vista with Vista Remote Link (VRL) technology.

With this technology, JRC is now able to allow users to access the full power of Vista from anywhere. With cloud technology, employees are able to connect securely to the Vista database, regardless of their location. With VRL, JRC is given peace of mind knowing that that company could be back up and running quickly should a crisis or business disruption occur.

With greater bandwidth and more structured, digitized processes, JRC has been able to uncover multiple vendor errors that were costing them money. With the implemented VRL, JRC was also able to quickly adapt and transition to working from home when the COVID-19 global pandemic occurred.

“Before implementing Vista and VRL, I don’t know how we would have functioned with our office staff working remotely,” Jeremy Johnson, JRC’s CFO said. “If [COVID-19] had happened three years ago, I have no idea what we would’ve come up with.”

Johnson added, “If you’re a growing contractor, if it just makes sense to go with the cloud model. You don’t have the expertise on staff. There’s a reason everyone calls the cloud the future.”

Read the full case study about JRC’s journey with Viewpoint.

Get Connected with Vista

Vista, part of the ViewpointOne suite of connected construction management solutions, was designed to meet the modern business management needs of today's contractors.

Vista, part of the connected ViewpointOne suite of connected construction solutions, was designed specifically with contractors in mind, with its features and functionality mapped to how real-world contractors operate. From accounting and reporting to project management and field solutions to service and equipment management and more, Vista provides a complete solution for contractors’ construction and business management needs.

Leveraging the latest cloud-based technologies, Vista and ViewpointOne solutions can often accomplish in minutes what has traditionally taken your teams weeks or even months to pull together. From automated workflows to self-serve reporting features and mobile apps to streamline work in the field, Vista and ViewpointOne give you the ability to work smarter, make real-time decisions and unlock new possibilities.

To learn more about Viewpoint Vista and ViewpointOne and how these solutions can help your company streamline its processes, contact us today.

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