What Can Project Managers Do to Make Construction Projects More Efficient?


Sometimes, construction project management feels a bit like herding cats. There are so many people in so many departments who are involved, not to mention suppliers, service providers and sub-contractors. Getting everything to align on time is part art, part science, and sometimes, part miracle.

Keeping everything on track is a full-time job, but with so many balls in the air, sometimes, things still go wrong. The key to succeeding in construction project management is to improve your planning, use the right tools, and expect the unexpected.

Two men on a construction site, holding tablet
How do you build project consistency?

Why Construction Project Efficiency Matters

The most obvious reason why construction project management success is so important is that it’s directly linked to profitability. The better managed your construction projects are, the fewer delays and mistakes there will be, and the more likely you are to finish on time and on budget.

But there’s more to construction project management than just the bottom line for one job.

Your construction project management success (or lack thereof) will also directly affect your ability to build a loyal customer base.

If you’re wondering how to win more construction projects, you need to know that doing a sterling job on the ones you have right now is one of the most important things you can do.

Customers want to work with companies they can trust that are professional and that don’t require too much babysitting to get things done. So if you want repeat business from the companies you’re working with right now, make sure your construction project management is on point.

Whether it’s toolbox talks or change orders, having processes in place makes everything go smoother.

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Help your employees to get the job done.

Your People Are Your Reputation

One of the worst things that can happen to a construction project manager is to get a call from a client or their site supervisor complaining about your people on site.

Managing staff on construction sites is a big part of the construction project management process, and it takes planning, communication, processes and systems.

Your people not only need to know what’s expected of them and what the project is about, they also need to know what they need to do to get it done. Whether it’s toolbox talks or change orders, having processes in place makes everything go smoother.

When things go smoothly on your construction projects, your customers will notice, and it’s definitely going to become part of your reputation in the industry.

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Getting the C-suite on board is vital for technology's success.

Management Buy-in Is Essential

The final piece of the puzzle when it comes to managing construction projects, in the UK or anywhere else, is that you need to get management support to implement any new processes and systems.

Even if you have the best ideas to improve productivity, make managing staff on construction sites easier and increase profits, the only way to implement those ideas is when you have support.

So while you’re looking for tools, tips and ideas to improve construction management in your company, start building a business case for your ideas. It’s a lot easier to get everyone else on board when the people at the top approve of your plans and ideas.