Vista 6.15 Platform Enhancements


The Vista platform is the technology that underpins the various modules that make up Vista. Enhancements to the Vista Platform provide benefits across modules and improve the Vista experience for all users. With 6.15, the following platform enhancements are now available:

Paging - To enhance performance and user experience when loading large sets of records, Vista will now optionally load records in groups displayed on discreet pages.

Saved Searches – To enhance efficiency and help users manage large sets of records, Vista now has the ability so save searches for future access in a saved search criteria panel. In addition to saving time and effort, this feature allows sharing of saved searches with other Vista users.

Background Attachment Uploading – To enhance usability and performance when uploading large numbers of attachments to the database, Vista will now upload the attachments in the background to avoid the issue of resource constraints for yourself or another user.