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Vista 6.14 Accounting Enhancements



Vista Accounting is a proven, construction-specific software suite that meets the financial needs and requirements of contractors across multiple industry sectors. The following enhancements will be available in Accounts Payable:

Accounts Payable

Improved Flexibility with Editable Hold Code. Users now have the ability to edit an invoice hold code while approving an invoice, allowing them to approve the invoice but place it on hold at the same time.

Streamlined Invoice Approval Process with Optional Reviewers. To better reflect real world workflow, to add flexibility to the review process and to speed approvals, AP unapproved invoice reviewers can now be designated as required or optional.

Color Coded Invoice Status. To make invoice statuses easier to understand at a glance, unapproved invoice statuses are now color-coded.

Easier Error Correction with the Ability to Move Transactions. To make it easier to correct invoice posting errors, users can now copy and move transactions from one open expense month to another. This has been one of the most requested Accounting features in Suggestion Box.

Easier Reversal of Credit Services Payments. For occasions when credit service payments process incorrectly, Vista now has the ability to reverse and re-issue a payment when the original month is closed.

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