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Vista 6.13 Operations Enhancements


Viewpoint offers tools that manage your construction operations, your service operations, and material sales. The Operations suite is comprised of several modules with a broad range of functionality such as project management, work order management, service agreements, subcontracts, purchase orders, equipment management, and document control.

These modules are designed for contractors to improve operational efficiencies and to streamline processes. Vista 6.13 offers improvements in the following areas:

Service Management

Service Management is comprised of the Work Order Management and Service Agreement modules. These modules are designed for Specialty and other contractors seeking tools to easily manage small job work orders. Additionally, the modules are designed for quick billing, automating preventative maintenance, facilitating periodic billing, and managing the renewal of agreements.

Vista 6.13 includes the following enhancements:

Automatic Tax Liability Calculation for Material Usage on Work Orders. To reduce the burden of manual use tax calculations on non-billable items, Vista can now automatically calculate use tax, based on material cost, when due on items such as material usage on a work order.

New! Agreement Renewals Report. Allows customers to more profitably manage Service Agreements through appropriate mark-ups and adjustments when the renewal offer is proposed. The Agreements Renewal Report provides the ability to drill down and analyze the performance of agreements up for renewal across multiple terms.

New! Service Receivables Aging Report. Enables customers to reduce outstanding receivables on service items with new aging receivables report.

Improved Work Order Billing Review Process. Accelerates the Work Order billing process with the ability to assign reviewers by center, by division, by customer, by work order, and by site. This allows work orders to be routed to the appropriate person for review and billing authorization immediately after work is completed. A summary pane on the Work Order has also been added that contains critical summary information for the reviewer, so they are no longer required to manually calculate totals or search for information in order to review and closeout the work for billing.

Budgeted Man-Hours at Work Order Based on Spend Plan. Enhances SM users’ ability to stay on budget for service agreements with the ability to automatically derive budgeted man-hours at the Work Order level, based on the overall agreement spend plan.