Viewpoint Technology Awards - Call for Submissions


Our customers are amazing, and they do incredibly innovative things with our construction software solutions and technologies.

Every year, we give our customers the chance to showcase the new, innovative ways they have used software to transform their business through our Viewpoint Technology Awards. We are continually dazzled by the number of impressive submissions we receive and selecting a winner out of so many worthy applicants is always a challenge. Winners are honored at our Collaborate User Conference, where their achievements are showcased to more than 2,000 attendees.

To give you a glimpse into the innovation, here’s a look at last year’s winners:

Southern Botanical – Customer Payment Portal

Southern Botanical, an industry leading commercial and residential landscaping company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, needed a better way to give its clients a secure method for online payments. Several clients wanted a method to auto-pay their balance automatically at the beginning of every month. Internally, Southern Botanical was also looking for greater revenue cycle efficiency and more consistent cash flow. To provide a solution, Southern Botanical created a secure customer payment portal that syncs data from Vista to provide accurate data management and reporting. The company’s results were amazing. The move reduced monthly credit card fees by 1.4 percent, they achieved 20 percent client participation with the new portal and their monthly revenue benefited significantly.

C.W. Driver – Vista + PINS for Tracking Sub Compliance

Located in Pasadena, Calif., multifaceted building company C.W. Driver does everything from general contracting to construction management to design-build. With all of the projects the company works on, it was having a hard time tracking subcontract compliance data without running into manual processes and duplicate data entry. To solve this, C.W Driver integrated Vista with PINS Advantage to create an automated system that worked together seamlessly to provide a single source for all the subcontracts and vendor info. This allows the company to prevent non-compliant subcontractors from accessing their jobsites and eliminated the risk of inadvertently cutting a check for a non-compliant subcontractor.

Yates – Hard Hats and QR Codes

Yates Construction is widely recognized as one of the top construction providers in the nation. The number one core value at Yates is safety. The company goes to great lengths to train employees on safety protocol and preparedness. To track health and safety certification information, Yates started issuing each employee a hard hat sticker and wallet card containing a QR code that can be scanned by any mobile device to retrieve safety certification information for that employee. The safety training records are all housed in Vista and the QR codes allow for easy access to find that data within the Vista HR model. As a result, Yates has been able to centralize all health and safety certification data and further its safety measures.

Western Allied Mechanical Inc. — Digitally Transforming Operations with Spectrum

Also honored at last year’s Collaborate conference was Spectrum user Western Allied Mechanical, Inc. The company was honored as the 2017 Spectrum Innovator Award Winner just prior to Viewpoint’s acquisition of Dexter + Chaney. Western Allied, a design-build mechanical contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area, needed to modernize and streamline its operations to keep pace with growth and demands. The company committed to “opening the box” with Spectrum to implement its full functionality across the organization. In a short period of time, Western Allied went paperless by implementing Spectrum’s document imaging functionality throughout the company, took advantage of deep reporting and business intelligence tools to better analyze and forecast projects, used Spectrum to track productivity in its sheet metal and piping shop and streamlined project management and job compliance tasks through automated workflows.

Last year’s winners provide excellent demonstrations of how Viewpoint’s software solutions can be used in innovative ways to further transform and grow construction companies.

We want to hear your innovation story!

If you’ve got a great technology story to share, then you might have what it takes to win a 2018 Viewpoint Technology Award. We’re looking for the most creative, groundbreaking, transformational ideas out there. The Viewpoint Technology Awards recognize clients which have found unique ways to transform their business with our software. Winners will receive:

  • A free Collaborate user conference registration
  • The opportunity to present their story at this year’s show

Candidates for the Technology Awards can be submitted by any Viewpoint customer. Winners are determined based on their impact in improving their business and a willingness to share their story.

The submission page will close August 1, so submit your entry today!

Please be ready to describe what problem or challenge you were trying to solve, what processes or workflows are involved, what Viewpoint solution and/or third part integration you used, and how your business has benefited. Contact us with any questions you may have about submissions.