Trimble’s Construction Solutions, Insights, Prominent During Digital AEC Event


Connected Construction, Robotics, Automation and More on Display at Digital Construction Week

Trimble was able to share its connected construction vision with Digital Construction Week attendees.

The future of construction was on full display at the recently wrapped Digital Construction Week.

Digital Construction Week, held on 18-19th May, at the ExCel London, is a two-day UK event for digital design, construction, engineering, manufacturing and operations. It aims to bring together like-minded people in the industry who are keen to discover cutting-edge technology, innovation and thought leaders in construction. This year’s event was focussed around sustainability and the built environment.

Talks from industry leaders covered topics such as the concept of digital twin, BIM spotlights, and continuous improvement. There was also plenty of time to catch up and chat to peers in-between sessions in the lounges, and with DCW networking events..

Things were also hopping at the Trimble booth, where a steady stream of visitors-both familiar and new-stopped by to see our own innovations and experience for themselves the what a connected construction environment can deliver. Here are a few highlights from the show:

Connected Construction Technologies

By leveraging the cloud to connect real-time data and streamline workflows, contractors can realize a single source of construction truth.

Visitors saw first hand what the connected construction vision is all about. By helping UK contractors transition to the cloud, streamline their processes and realise common data environments and collaborative workflows, Trimble is enabling construction professionals to improve productivity, quality, transparency, safety, sustainability, and deliver each project with confidence.

This also reduces the need for multiple, disconnected software solutions, as well as manual processes like paper and pen to share data and workflows between the field and office. Moving toward a more interconnected construction software suite will help contractors better run their operations today and properly scale for tomorrow.

Robotics and Construction Automation

Spot showed off the power of robotics and automation and their applications in construction.

Spot the Dog, kindly borrowed from Trimble client Balfour Beatty, was on hand to greet visitors and show the potential of site automation. A Trimble partner, KOREC Group is the leading distributor of Trimble hardware in the UK and Ireland.

Trimble is developing exclusive turnkey Spot construction solutions that span from collecting data to navigation. Unfortunately, for all Spot can do, this dog doesn’t play fetch (yet)! Visitors also got to see many other hardware solutions available for site surveillance, navigation and data collection.

Check out this short video to see Spot in action:

Virtual Reality

VR is making the once impossible to imagine, not just possible, but easy to use.

Forget Facebook (or ‘Meta’ now), we’ve got the construction ‘metaverse’!

Virtual reality solutions, like Trimble’s XR10 with HoloLens 2, enable the use of mixed reality in dirty, loud, and safety-controlled industrial work environments such as construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and oil refineries.

These virtual model visualisations help architects, site surveyors, clients and others visualise projects as they would appear—no matter what stage of build they’re in.This innovative field technology can change how collaboration for construction sites is achieved, keeping in-field users safer, helping to identify potential project issues before they get built and rebuilt, and connecting field teams and data directly to back offices, clients, and wider project teams.

Redefining Data Visualisation

New BIM visualization solutions are just one way technology is redefining construction data and workflows.

Beyond just improving construction processes, Trimble’s connected construction vision is to remove data silos that arise throughout a project and work towards a single version of data truth. Capabilities showcased during DCW ranged from BIM visualisation solutions to live, real-time project management dashboards.

Ask the Expert

Trimble Viewpoint's Ben Wallbank notes that today's contractors are celebrating innovation.

Organised by the UKBIMA Technology Group, the ask the expert session was a chance for show visitors to ask those tricky questions about BIM, construction technology, and where the industry is headed. Representing Trimble, Ben Wallbank and Duncan Reed were on hand to discuss those complex industry challenges that face construction around the world.

“It's clear that today's construction professionals are not just engaged with, but are excited about available and emerging technologies,” Wallbank said. “The industry is changing rapidly, and that is made clear by the innovation and collaboration that is happening on construction projects across the country. We were able to share how much easier their lives can be with the automation and intuitive workflows that modern technologies are bringing to the table.”

The industry is changing rapidly, and that is made clear by the innovation and collaboration that is happening on construction projects across the country.

And Finally, a Big Thank You!

This was the first in-person event that Trimble Viewpoint’s EMEA team has attended since 2019, and the first-ever event we have attended as a Trimble group but certainly not the last. It was brilliant to see so many visitors wanting to discover more about the future and potential of the industry.

We can’t wait to continue to show you the power of connected construction and do it all again next year!

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