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Trimble Construction One: What’s Under the Hood?

New Capabilities in the Latest Construction Management Software


ICYMI — Viewpoint rebranded as Trimble Viewpoint in September 2021. Trimble purchased Viewpoint in 2018, and since then we’ve been slowly taking steps to integrate.

Readers of this blog know that we try to keep things useful for everyone, customer or not — so we don’t usually talk about our awesome products here. 

But sometimes new technology comes along that really is a game-changer, and we just can’t resist! It wouldn’t be right to not talk about Trimble Construction One, the new software suite from Trimble Viewpoint.

If you haven’t heard the news, Trimble Construction One is the next evolution of ViewpointOne, a cloud-based construction management software that connects data from across the construction lifecycle.

What’s new about Trimble Construction One? Let’s look under the hood at details of some of the hottest features.

What’s Different About Trimble Construction One?

Trimble Construction One incorporates most of the cloud-based Viewpoint products you already know and love -- including both Vista and Spectrum ERPs; Viewpoint Analytics, Team, HR Management, and a LOT more -- and adds new workflows and reporting capabilities; plus new connections to popular Trimble products, like Accubid and Supplier Xchange.

The new connections share information securely between applications, with additional new mobile access (and, yes, additional new security features) — plus even more new capabilities in the coming weeks and months.

What Are Top Features of Trimble Construction One?

  • Model-based Estimating
  • Create Project Estimates (so detailed you can build from them)
  • Real-time Pricing, Inventory, Purchase Orders & Staffing
  • On-demand Usage
  • Service Management Tools
  • FAQ

Read on for the latest capabilities of the new Trimble Construction One, plus answers to all your FAQ.

New Model-based Estimating

For pre-construction, Trimble Construction One includes three exciting new workflows related to model-based estimating

  1. architectural drawings that connect to project management systems and models
  2. project estimates so detailed you can build from them
  3. real-time pricing and availability

“We were able to reduce material take-off by 400% and increased use of offsite fabrication, generating a 10% project savings!" - North Mechanical Contracting & Service

Model-based estimating, in which the estimate is created from the constructible model, is part of the larger context of BIM (building information modeling).

Project Estimates so Detailed You Can Build From Them

Using Accubid, Trimble’s widely-adopted electrical estimating tool (part of Trimble Construction One), you can connect architectural drawings to project management systems and models for a model-based estimate.

Accubid is part of Trimble Construction One
Accubid is part of Trimble Construction One

The detailer then creates the constructible model—up to Level of Detail (LOD) 400—using SysQue, through a connection with Trimble. 

Once the model is complete, the model information is sent to Accubid, Trimble’s widely-adopted estimating tool, with the click of a button. 

Accubid automatically creates and populates an estimate with the selected details, complete with a list of materials with a description, size, price and current labor hours.

“The model-based estimating workflow provides a process where we can run the model through to see how we're tracking — without starting from scratch each time."

Now your project management team has all the materials quantities, and can prepare for purchase.

Real-time Job Costing, Inventory, Purchase Orders & Staffing

With an accurate estimate in hand, it’s time to talk pricing. Trimble Construction One uses real-time pricing from manufacturers, including real prices you may have negotiated with the supplier, through a connection to Construction Xchange. It's a system to price (and procure) actual materials that are market-ready.

Construction Xchange connects purchasing estimating, detailing, distributors, and ERP activities with Trimble Construction One. You can price an entire model with just one click.

In addition to materials, you can also add to the final estimate: subcontractors, final markups, general expenses, equipment rentals, and indirect labor costs.

Trimble Construction One also offers the ability to group by material type, project, or supplier, so you can identify opportunities or potential problem areas quickly.

New On-demand Usage

On-Demand Usage lets you add users to your ERP as part of Trimble Construction One, self-service style, without the hassle or commitment of annual user licenses. Flexible, on-demand access lets you quickly take advantage of new opportunities and avoid risks.

When can you use on-demand usage?

  • Adjust quickly for seasonality, and short-term or project-based needs

  • Add any additional users yourself, 24/7—no salesperson or contract needed

  • New usage reports offer greater transparency, so you can really take advantage of your tech investment

  • Smaller companies can add users easily, without committing to multiple annual seat licenses

    Some risks can’t be predicted (as the global pandemic has taught us well). Which is the ability to pivot and change

New Mobile Field Service Management Tools

A field service business is a key part of a successful modern construction business. It’s the regular service work — the service contracts, the regular maintenance, the repairs — that keeps cash flowing in as larger construction projects ebb and flow. Good customer service and rapid billing are key to a successful, sustainable service business.

“Trimble’s realtime information-sharing really drives productivity." - Hensel Phelps

New mobile tools from Trimble Construction One are bringing the tech to the field: Using Trimble Construction One on a cell phone out in the field, service technicians can access a customer’s contact information from the ERP, see project details; and when the work is done, they can get customer sign-off on their phone, and immediately bill for service work — all from the field. 

They can even pull up the service address on Google Maps! This means service technicians can bill customers, get their sign-off and submit an invoice on the spot.

Model-based estimating, on-demand usage, and more mobile capabilities like Field Service are just a few of the new possibilities of Trimble Construction One. (Check out more capabilities here.) Read on for a few more frequently asked questions about Trimble Construction One.

Trimble Construction One FAQ

What is Trimble Construction One compatible with? Where can I find it?

Both Vista and Spectrum, Trimble Viewpoint’s ERPs, are part of the new software suite. If your ERP is cloud-based and part of ViewpointOne … congratulations! You’re already part of Trimble Construction One.

Your company’s access to Trimble Construction One depends on your existing Trimble Viewpoint software, and its configuration. Talk to your account rep to see what your service includes currently, and to learn more about other capabilities.

Which software applications are part of Trimble Construction One?

Software in the new suite is bundled according to your business. For example, MEP contractors have a bundle for design, estimating, submittal management, and bid time quotes from suppliers into your estimating system. General contractors have estimating and project management solutions.

Trimble Construction One is currently available for Estimating, Detailing, Accounting & Finance, HR, executive management, Operations & Project Managers, and Field Operations.

Many cloud-based products and processes flow through Trimble Construction One. Besides cloud-based Vista and Spectrum ERPs, it connects to Estimation, Team, ProjectSight, Viewpoint Analytics, Payroll Time Entry, HR Management, Service Tech Mobile, and a lot more — PLUS other Trimble products like Accubid, Autobid, Supplier XChange, and more.

Each customer has unique needs; therefore, Trimble Construction One is not one-size-fits all.

Talk to us today about bringing Trimble Construction One to your construction business; or if you’re already a Trimble Viewpoint customer, reach out to your account manager to learn more.

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