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Tips & Tricks: Vista Productivity Features


Cool Vista by Viewpoint features that may be new to you!

Vista is full of ways to customize and automate your experience. One gem that is often overlooked is VA Scheduled Changes form. This tool gives you the ability to choose to update any field in the future.

Why would you want to update something in the future?

There are a variety of reasons you may wish to do this. For example, after performance reviews it’s not uncommon for department managers to have their employees’ salaries scheduled for future rate increases. Instead of adding significant future pressure on the payroll team, they can receive the rate increase schedule ahead of time and use the VA Schedule Change form to setup all these rate changes.

Other ideas for this would be to manage FMLA time, anniversary leave accrual changes, JC Role changes, and many more.

If you’re wondering how you can take advantage of this cool tool, follow the steps below: (This example shows how to update future hourly rates)

1. Open the form PR Employee and click the “Add’l Info” tab
2. Right click the “Hourly Rate” field and select Scheduled Changes

3. Enter the date you wish the change to occur on in the Effective Date box
4. Enter the New Value
5. Save the form and you’re done!

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