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The Construction Software Bottleneck


HALDEMAN HOMME INC. Removes the Construction Software Bottleneck and Powers Growth

From equipment failure to labor shortages, the construction industry is faced with many bottlenecks that can delay and even stop a project dead in its tracks. However, there is one major bottleneck that is sometimes overlooked. This holdup can cause gridlocks among your organization, its people and processes. 

This bottleneck can be your construction software.

General Contractor, Haldeman Homme, Inc. (HHI), had many "holdups" that held them from achieving project success. They ultimately realized their construction management software was the cement that was crumbling. 

HHI is a leading supplier to many industries including, but not limited to education, healthcare and government. They needed software that could keep up with growing demand: software that was project management focused and could be integrated into other construction systems, especially their accounting system.

Tearing down departmental silos using different types of software and creating a collaborative organization was the ultimate goal. 

The office, team and field needed to work together to achieve construction project success. That goal was satisfied with Viewpoint construction management software, Vista.

Watch the video to learn more about how Haldeman-Homme, Inc removed their construction software bottleneck and made the switch from Timberline to Vista.

Client Spotlight