The Connected Construction Professional Series: Executives/Leaders


How to Make Smarter Business Decisions and Why a Connected Construction Suite is a Game Changer

If you’re a construction executive or leader today, you may have asked yourself, “Why can’t I get the direct answers to the questions I have when I need answers?”

Your Role as a Construction Leader

Your role as a construction executive or leader means staying on top of more data and moving pieces than ever before.

The role of the construction C-suite has changed quite a bit over the last 10 years or so. In the fast-paced, on-demand world of modern business, you need to stay on top of your organization’s day-to-day operations and projects. This means getting immediate, accurate answers to construction management questions and the data at your fingertips to back that up.

Whereas a decade or more ago construction executives might have been more inclined to accept routine project or business updates that may be incomplete or missing key pieces of data, today’s construction leaders tend to be more hands-on. You might be one of these modern construction leaders, driven by data and the on-demand capabilities that technology can provide.

However, what hasn’t changed is that you don’t have time to dig into all of the details yourself. You need to trust that the data you’re presented with is simple, easy to understand, and most importantly, accurate-which can be a feat when it comes to real-time information.

What You Want

Moving to the cloud can give you a real-time, accurate look into your business.

Today, you might recognize the benefits of real-time data and workflows. You might recognize moving to the cloud as a must in order for your company to compete (or your projects to succeed and be profitable). But to get there, you need to see both the immediate and long-term ROI. And, you want to make sure that you’re not just making a move for the sake of making a move. Moving to the cloud should not only provide real-time information, but the tools you need to take action on that data.

So if a cloud construction software system might sound good on paper, it won’t necessarily move the needle of your business if your data, people, workflows and processes aren’t connected. Having to still manually tie together different technologies or re-enter data from different sources means that real-time data promise may still fall short. 

And if you’re going to invest in a cloud technology overhaul, you want to trust your vendor with your data. You want guarantees that the technologies will be easy to use to ensure they’re utilized throughout your entire organization and project teams. You want scalable technologies that will grow with you, because you certainly don’t want to go through another transformation 10 years down the road, just like you have with software programs in the past.

Why a Connected Construction Suite is Your Answer

A truly connected, cloud construction suite can dramatically simplify your work, while giving you more informed data to make the right business decisions.

Making the move to the cloud more than makes sense if you do so through a truly connected construction management suite like Trimble Construction One.

Trimble Construction One is a connected, cloud-based construction management platform that drives productivity, efficiency and accuracy at each phase of the construction project lifecycle. Leveraging cloud data and workflows, it ties together all facets of construction—from estimating and bidding, to project setup and project management, to accounting and workforce management, to field and service management, to project closeout and delivery—in collaborative working environments with a single set of shared data.

Using data from all phases of construction, Trimble Construction One connects teams with real-time information that shows true project costs and resource allocation so they get the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.

For you as a construction executive or leader, this means:

  • Accurate, timely data, consistently updated in easy to understand dashboards or reports
  • The ability to make smart, actionable business decisions based from quality data
  • A single, trusted technology vendor to manage your data and connect virtually all aspects of your construction business
  • Unparalleled data security to manage who sees what, backups and business continuity
  • Next-level construction business intelligence, analytics, benchmarking and forecasting tools
  • A scalable solution to grow with that also reduces in-house or third-party capital expenses like extensive IT overhead.

Watch what the future of construction management could be:

Want to learn more? Connect with Trimble Viewpoint today for your own personal tour of how Trimble Construction One could reshape your construction organization.

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