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Construction Management

Tracking Prefabrication Productivity

Why Controlled Construction Environments are More Important than Ever and How Contractors are Using Technology to Gain Efficiency

Cloud Computing

Why Advanced Technology Group Moved to the Cloud with ViewpointOne

ATG converted a mix of nine disconnected software programs and a bevy of manual processes into one cloud-based solution with ViewpointOne.

Client Spotlight

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Column of blog entries

Construction Software

Information Security in the Construction Industry — What You Need to Know

A closer look at the extensive cyber security measures Viewpoint takes to protect clients' data.

Project Management

6 Tips for Building Better Subcontractor Relationships

How today’s leading general contractors are able to improve working relationships with their subcontractors through technology and best practices

Column of blog entries

Business Intelligence

How the Cloud Data Revolution is Transforming Construction in the Heavy Highway Space

How heavy highway contractors are turning to advanced data to drive smarter, more productive projects

Construction Software

Technology Change Management: 5 Questions with Viewpoint Senior Consultant Patty Cheney

As more and more contractors modernize, strategic tech transition plans, and consistent communications among keys to success.

Column of blog entries

Construction Management

Meet the Women Making a Big Impact on Construction

Viewpoint's Betsie Hoyt will be moderating a live webinar — Thriving Women in Construction — on Wednesday, March 18.


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Construction Human Resources

A Specialty Game Plan for Skilled Labor

How Education Programs, Training and Technology are Rebuilding Specialty Contractors’ Workforces

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