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Project Management

3 Top Tips for Improving Specialist Subcontractors’ Project Quality

One of the greatest opportunities for contractors to improve the quality of projects rests with the data collected in the field.

Construction Management

Strong Growth Predicted for AU Commercial and Infrastructure Construction

The commercial and infrastructure outlook is good for Australian contractors - even better if they're using modern technologies.

Column of blog entries

Construction Management

A Look at the Top Blogs of 2019

A review of the 10 most popular posts from our Viewpoint Construction Technology Blog in 2019.

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Project Management

5 Construction Trends to Watch in 2020

Technology is expected to play a major role in all facets of construction industry growth in 2020 and beyond.

Column of blog entries

Construction Management

The Role of Email in the Modern Construction Workplace

Emails are still valuable - and powerful - as a form of communication in construction, as long as they're used the right way.

Construction Accounting

New Vista Features Provide Enhanced Billing Tracking and Review

Our Vista 6.19 release included stronger, more streamlined tracking and review of job billing status.

Viewpoint Technology

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Column of blog entries

Construction Management

Overcoming the Odds

A look at why Caldwell Marine and ECI Drilling won the 2019 Viewpoint Construction Award for ‘Most Challenging Project’

Client Spotlight

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Construction Software

Increase Your Environmental Compliance through Smarter Systems and Software Solutions

Australian contractors are facing increased environmental compliance pressure, but the right planning and software can turn challenge into opportunity

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