Several Viewpoint Clients among ENR’s Best Construction Projects of 2017


Engineering News Record recently revealed its list of the 20 Best Projects of 2017. More than 700 projects were submitted from across the country and were judged on high standards of teamwork, safety, problem-solving, innovation and quality. Every one of the projects on ENR’s list demonstrated the team’s ability to do great work despite challenging environments and circumstances, collaboration at a higher level in order to complete projects at an accelerated pace, and impeccable safety achievements.

These are the construction companies who have not succumbed to the many challenges facing the construction industry, finding ways to rise above them and achieve excellence. Of the many talented companies involved on these award-winning projects, we are thrilled—but not surprised—to learn that a number of them are Viewpoint clients, partnered with us to leverage the latest technologies to fuel their success stories. Here is a look at a handful of the Viewpoint clients involved in this year’s winning projects:

C.W. Driver

General contractor and Viewpoint customer C.W. Driver was honored for its involvement on the Best K-12 Education Project - The Irvine USD, Portola High School. This project stood out, partially for the major challenges the team had to overcome. The purchase of the property for this project was delayed, so the construction team had to accelerate its timeline to 19 months, approximately 10 months faster than would typically be allotted for a project of this capacity. The team’s commitment to a deadline required the implementation of a six-day work week and division of the job-site into four sectors where independent teams worked simultaneously. The project was completed on time at this accelerated pace and, despite the rush, zero OSHA-recordable incidents were reported.

McCarthy Building

Keeping with the trend of ahead-of-deadline project delivery, general contractor and Viewpoint client, McCarthy Building, was honored for their involvement on both the Best Energy/Industrial Project – The Hazlehurst 72MW solar facility and again for the Excellence in Safety Award on the Yuma Regional Medical Center Emergency Department Expansion. On the Hazlehurst project, McCarthy was able to wrap up three months early, despite significant workforce challenges. The company successfully trained more than 200 individuals, mostly local residents, in order to keep the project on track. The early finish and commitment to training local help impressed the Best of the Best project judges for 2017. On the Yuma Regional Medical Center expansion project, the project team faced complex challenges of keeping the medical center open during work and relocating many underground utilities to a specially constructed utility bridge. The team had zero lost-time incidents and an OSHA Recordable Incident Rate of 0.19 over the course of 1,025,623 worker-hours.

DPR Construction, KT Fabrication and University Mechanical & Engineering

Also honored twice on ENR’s list was general contractor and Viewpoint customer DPR Construction. The first of its honored projects was the Best Higher Education/Research on the Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building. This project was fast-tracked—designed and built in 30 months with construction beginning after six months of design, yet significantly prior to design completion. Two talented subcontractors and Viewpoint customers, KT Fabrication and University Mechanical & Engineering, were also involved on this $106.8-million, LEED Silver certified project.

DPR’s second recognition on the list was for Best Manufacturing Project for Biogen LSM 3X Capacity Upgrades. On this project, approximately 50 percent of installation areas were completed ahead of schedule. The team working on the 100,000-square-foot facility also had to use highly complex equipment in order to complete this job. DPR credits the single-source database used on the project where project managers were able to track the status of each component and ensure the highest level of communication across the entire project team. This insight and collaboration elevated by DPR’s use of technology allowed it to deliver the project on time with no lost-time incidents recorded, despite installation and certification of highly-sophisticated equipment often used in tight spaces.

More Accolades

In addition to the aforementioned companies, there were several other Viewpoint clients honored for their own project contributions. These include: Brasfield & Gorrie, Schiavone Construction Co, L.K. Comstock, D’Annunzio & Sons, Hayward Baker, Walsh Construction, Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. Read the full article to see what made these projects the best of the best.

We are honored to work with such highly-skilled construction companies. Empowering them through technology to overcome significant challenges and achieve this kind of excellence is at the core of our own mission. As we continue to provide the construction industry with the best technology solutions possible, we look forward to seeing more of our customers succeed.

Learn how Viewpoint’s leading-edge technology solutions can help drive your own winning projects, and be sure to review the complete list of ENR’s 20 Best Projects of 2017 and all of the companies involved.