Season 2 — Episode 3: The Future Of The Connected Jobsite

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Season 2 — Episode 3: The Future Of The Connected Jobsite

In this episode of A Viewpoint on Construction, Chuck Schwartz, Director of Business Development with Marcum LLC, discusses the benefits and challenges of connected jobsite and of getting accurate, real-time data to and from the field. “We’ve all heard the saying the money is made in the field, and it’s true,” Schwartz said. “Money is made and lost in the field.”

Now is the time, Schwartz notes, to implement new technologies that will better connect the field and the office to achieve better collaboration. These technologies and integrated software systems are readily available, but there still a challenge in getting adoption among contractors. But as technology transforms business and industry in general, contractors who don’t adapt will be hurting themselves. Hear Schwartz talk about how successful companies standardize on the technologies they’re using, they’ve invested in training and education for the end users and have created policies and rules around using these technologies and data.

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