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ProContractor 3.12 Accounting Enhancements


ProContractor Accounting is an integrated accounting solution that includes applications for managing financials, employees and payroll, procurement and inventory, as well as accounts payable and receivables.

With this release, the following enhancements are available:

Check Count to Payment Listing Report

To make it easier and faster to organize checks a new check total amount has been added, allowing Users to quickly reference how many checks are in a Payment Listing Report.

Comparative Balance Sheet Report

To make it easier to compare and contrast financial data across different years Users can now access Comparative Balance sheet reports. Reports compare the end year period with the previous year period and formats the balance sheets side by side.

AP Tax Enhancements

A new option is available on Vendors to indicate if any withholding may occur. This helps Users insure that compliance is met to appropriate company standards. A helpful Warning message will appear now to warn Users if payments to the vendor may be subject to state tax withholding.

Edit 1099 Form Boxes

To simplify the entry of data information can now be entered in 1099 boxes numbers 16 to 18. Users can now also enter and edit Vendor Compensation Forms.

Miscellaneous Tax Box for W-2

To more accurately and easily capture payroll data Users can now add the ability to include a Miscellaneous Tax on Box 14 of the W-2.

GG & HH Valid Codes

To increase the ability to accurately capture information GG and HH Valid codes for Box 12 on Deductions and Fringes have been added.

Canadian Direct Deposit Formats

Users will benefit from the addition of new Canadian Direct Deposit formats that expand on the options available to select.

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