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Guarantee Electrical Company Discusses Using Modernization to Meet Demand

A Fork in the Road

Fork in the Road Sign

Cranking out several fast-moving projects is a significant accomplishment for any contractor...until those construction projects are delayed or come to a screeching halt due to problems with processes. At that point, a decision needs to be made: how does your construction organization move forward without making significant, potentially time-consuming changes to current processes? Is modern construction software the answer to removing roadblocks? 

Guarantee Electrical Company had to answer these questions when faced with fast growth, high demand and tight timelines. Although Viewpoint Vista construction management software was being utilized by Guarantee Electrical, the company needed more: more insight into construction project data; more workflow management; and a modern, cloud-based solution that would allow users to work in real time and effectively keep up with the growth.

When Viewpoint began offering Vista in the cloud, Guarantee saw an opportunity to move beyond outdated processes and transform its operations. The result? Stronger collaboration across the organization, reduced IT burdens and a scalable technology platform to build on for the future.

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about how Guarantee Electrical moved to the cloud to modernize their construction operations. 

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