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New Vista Features Provide Enhanced Billing Tracking and Review


Viewpoint's Vista ERP makes it easier to effectively track the job billing process.

Billing is one of the most vital business functions. If you’re able to bill jobs quickly and accurately, your company’s cash flow is much more likely to stay fluid, affording your company more financial leeway to tackle challenges as they arise and win more work. However, if you’re company’s billing process is delayed by being overly tedious or lacking standardization to efficiently track bills and payments, that means you’re likely not getting paid in a timely manner and likely leaving money on the table.

With Vista 6.19 we’ve made it easier for tracking job billing status and very soon will provide the ability to review billing in Viewpoint Financial Controls on the web. We’ve added billing status tracking information and the ability to assign biller groups within Vista. There is also a new classification for those folks that need to review bills, and a new, streamlined review process in Financial Controls that gives reviewers more insight into and oversight of the billing process.

These reviewing and approval tracking features apply to both progress and T&M billing processes. Watch this quick video to see this in action:

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