New ProContractor Updates


With ProContractor by Viewpoint, you can manage an entire project lifecycle from estimate to completion with one software platform. For those who already use ProContractor, you know how indispensable it is.

At Viewpoint, our goal is to work with our customers to help uplevel your business goals. We listen to your feedback and strive to deliver software that makes your job easier. Because of that, we’ve made some upgrades and updates to ProContractor, based directly on your comments and suggestions. We’ve simplified the interface, expanded capabilities, and integrated with other products and modules. More details below:


Accounting for ProContractor features apps to manage financials, employees, inventory, procurement, and more. The updates to the accounting module include accounts payable, financial reporting, and payroll.

Check number reassignment and reprints

The new update will help you avoid extra steps and thwart printer problems while printing payroll checks. Check numbers can now be reassigned and reprinted as needed.

Pay history report

We created an Employee Pay History Report to provide critical payroll data in one place, eliminating the need for data searches. This simple single row report can be run for a date range, showing gross pay, taxes, deductions with net pay, and check number. It also offers you the ability to dive into each entry to see additional details.

Easier payroll and timecard experience

We’ve made timecard entry and the activity menu easier and more user-friendly. An indicator has been added in the employee lookup for at-a-glance status updates of timecard entries, while viewing payroll activity is now done in Reports.

Financial report drill-downs

Our new feature streamlines the review process, with critical information easily visible at all times. You now have the ability to drill-down from the summary reports all the way to transaction and journal distribution level on the balance sheet, income statement, and trial balance.

ProContractor platform

Auto-open exported spreadsheets

Excel files now open automatically upon export, so there is no need to search files and rename them with each download.

Home screen Close All Tabs option

In an effort to reduce clutter, we’ve added Close All Tabs, giving users the option to close everything or all tabs except the active tab.

ProContractor estimating

Our new thumbnail tagging and filtering is a way for users to customize tags and assign them to a sheet. This allows for multiple ways to filter.

ProContractor earthwork

ProContractor offers earthwork takeoff software tailored to sitework contractors. It enables quick and accurate digital takeoff, without the need for blueprints. Our updates include line and point improvements.

Sloping line improvements

To improve the functionality of the Earthwork Sloping Line, users now have the ability to point along an existing line and to select that point while adjusting the line.

Elevation point insertion

With earthwork you can now insert a point of elevation and alter it as needed.

ProContractor mobile

We have enhanced the mobile extension to ProContractor, now offering options to the timecard workflow for increased security and efficiency.

Timeclock functions

Our new time-stamp function within the timecard clock-in and clock-out modules reduce the likelihood of improperly rounded timecards.

Timecard geofencing

The new geofencing capability enhances timecard accuracy by allowing administrators to apply a radius around a jobsite. ProContractor mobile will only permit clock-in or clock-out actions while inside the allowable radius for greater accuracy.
How have our new updates helped you? We are always listening to our customers, and welcome your feedback and ideas. Connect with us direct, or reach out on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.