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New Enhancements to Mobile Field Manager


Mobile Field Manager

Mobile Field Manager (MFM) is the mobile field data collection extension of Vista. Designed to collect labor time, equipment time, and production units, the MFM mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows), along with the Field Work Center web application, connects field and office and creates a synchronized flow of timely and accurate field information into Vista Payroll and Equipment Management.

The following capabilities are now available in MFM:

Field Work Center 3.8.155

New! Field Work Center Automated Installer. To provide greater control over FWC installations, the new automated installer will allow on-site IT staff to perform all FWC upgrades on their own schedule, without the need to book time with Viewpoint support to perform the upgrade.

Separate Shift Selection. To better match field workflows, Field Work Center now permits the selection of Shift separate from Class/Craft.

Units Type Now Passed to Vista EM. To reduce re-keying and data entry, FWC now has the ability to feed the units type rev code to Vista Equipment Management Usage.

Improved Productivity Review. For more flexibility when reviewing productivity, users are now able to choose hours per unit or units per hour.

Smoother FWC start up. Improvements to the startup routine have created a more consistent login experience where users will see a significant reduction in constraint errors when launching MFM.

Mobile Field Manager for iPads

Improved performance with the new MFM Time Grid App for iPads. This app will offer improved performance and enhanced functionality compared to the Grid Entry feature that currently exists within MFM for iPads. MFM Time Grid will be a standalone app that works alongside MFM, and synchronizes data with Field Work Center in the same way that MFM does.

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