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Managing Your Construction Contracts Properly is Essential. Viewpoint For Projects Now Makes It Easier.


Collaboration with Sypro Contract Manager promotes compliance and collaboration on all NEC, JCT and other contracts

Viewpoint For Projects just keeps getting better. Hot on the heels of its integration with Microsoft 365, Viewpoint’s powerful construction document management system now offers an industry-leading solution focused with eagle-eyed precision on managing your construction contracts.

Viewpoint is now able to offer Sypro Contract Manager to Viewpoint For Projects customers and make your life as a construction project manager even easier. Founded in 2007 and based in Hull, England, Sypro is a leader in contract and risk management solutions for construction companies throughout the UK.

Avoid delays, disputes and risk-taking

Well-managed construction contracts are critical to avoiding – and, if necessary, resolving – payment disputes, delays in design acceptance, and disagreements related to change control procedures. Demonstrating professional, proactive contract management can also make the difference in dissuading other parties from cutting corners, taking risks, or otherwise falling short of their obligations.

Properly managing your legal relationships with the other parties on a construction project is of the utmost importance, therefore, and Contract Manager supports all types of construction contracts, including:

  • The Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT)
  • New Engineering Contract (NEC3 and NEC4)
  • International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC)
  • Other and bespoke contracts

Contract Manager provides more than compliance, however. It enables users to flag risks quickly, share them with relevant stakeholders, and mitigate them before they become major issues.

Promote collaboration and increase efficiency

Contract Manager also promotes closer collaboration among the parties on a construction project, saving time and increasing efficiency for all involved. Key benefits include:

  • Simplifying and centralising management of your contracts
  • Improving stakeholder communication and information-sharing
  • Providing real-time reports and auditable workflow trails
  • Keeping all parties aware of required actions with alerts and reminders

With a clean, simple layout that provides a transparent view of your contract information and tasks, Contract Manager is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that blends seamlessly with Viewpoint For Projects. Now you can enjoy the same intuitive, reliable and efficient management of your contracts as you do with the rest of your construction project documentation.

If you would like to find out more about this opportunity, please visit our product page or call 0800 048 8152.

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