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Making Sense of Your Year-End Construction Business Processes — 2020 Edition


In a Year of Pivots, Viewpoint Provides Webinar Series to Help Clients Sort Through the Muck and Answer Some of Their Big Questions

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a rough year. With starts and stops in construction projects to new safety protocols to complete reworking of business continuity plans and more, this year has presented one challenge after another. Now, as the year (thankfully) is coming to an end, a new set of questions and challenges might be on your mind regarding your year-end construction business processes.

Whether it's how to factor in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans and processes into your year end steps, setting up or reporting on COVID pay, new tax tables, what's required in year-end statements, W2 processing and more, we understand you have questions. And, we've done our best to provide the answers.

A Host of Year-End Resources at Your Disposal

Viewpoint put together a series of webinars for our Vista, Spectrum and ProContractor clients that address key 2020 year-end questions, walk through solutions and explain how to best leverage their software solutions to ease their 2020 closeout burdens. The first round of these webinars were held in early December, and you can watch the on-demand recordings below:

ProContractor: Payroll 2020 Year-End for US

From how to update tax tables to e-Filing W-2's, learn how to close out payroll in ProContractor.

Spectrum: What You Need to Know to Prep for Year-End (US)

View a year-end checklist, learn how to process 1099-NEC & MISC, W-2's, 1095-C's and more.

Spectrum: What You Need to Know to Prep for Year-End (Canada)

You'll gain access to a year-end checklist, learn more about T5018's, T4's and much more.

Vista Payroll - Handle Year-End Leave Reset like a Pro!

You’ll learn key terminology in Viewpoint’s Vista software, single and split month activity and how to correct and incorrectly posted leave.

Vista Payroll - W-2 Processing for 2020 Year-End

Find out the steps you need to take before preparing your W-2’s, balancing and editing data for employees, e-filing options and much more.

ProContractor - AP 1099 Processing 2020 Year-End

Learn more about Aatrix setup, verifying your vendors, editing amounts and the year-end closing financial module.

Upcoming January Webinars

There are six additional webinars planned for early- to mid-January. If you’d like to attend live, this is your chance to ask your own questions. Here is the full list of planned webinars:

1.4.2021: Vista - "Vista Payroll T-4 Processing for 2020 Year-End (Canada)"

1.6.2021: Spectrum- "Spectrum: What You Need to Know to Prep for Year-End (US)"

1.6.2021: Spectrum- "Spectrum: What You Need to Know to Prep for Year-End (Canada)"

1.7.2021: ProContractor - "ProContractor Payroll 2020 Year-End for U.S. Customers"

1.7.2021: Vista - "Vista AP 1099 Processing for 2020 Year-End"

1.7.2021: Vista - "Go Contact Free This Year By eFiling Your W-2s!"

1.7.2021: ProContractor - "Go Contact Free This Year By eFiling Your W-2s!"

If you have any other questions or anything we couldn’t answer, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help you make your way into 2021 as seamless as possible.

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