Is Your Construction Software Solution Secure?


Technology has fast become an integral part of the construction process. Whether it’s CAD to create designs, project management software to create and manage schedules or accounting software to make sure everything is billed and accounted for, technology touches every aspect of the construction process today.

That’s only likely to increase as more and more companies choose to invest in tools and technologies to do everything from analysing construction data to creating 3D models of construction projects. But have you ever wondered how safe your information is? Here are a few things to consider.

Cyber criminals have access to more data than ever

Cyber Crime Has Never Been More Prevalent

Technology certainly saved us when Covid 19 shut everything down a few years ago. Construction companies were able to keep working, though, thanks in large part to remote working technologies that allowed professional and administrative tasks to continue to collaborate with on-site staff.

However, when we all went online to do everything from ordering a food shop to seeing the doctor, it also created endless opportunities for cybercrime. This kind of crime has become a multi-billion pound global industry, and the vast majority of the targets are small to mid-sized companies.

Vast Amounts of Information

Another problem many construction companies face when figuring out how to store their construction data is how to create a construction filing system that can store all the information generated during the course of every project but also make it easy to find and access.

Storing, sorting, cataloging, and saving documents needs to be done correctly because the information is only useful if you can find it when you need it.

The best construction data solutions offer granular permissions.

Give the right permissions to the right people.

Varying Permission and Access Levels

The nature of the construction industry creates another challenge for construction data safety: access levels.

We all need digital construction tools that allow different people in different departments and even in different locations to collaborate and get the job done, but they don’t all need access to the same things.

So, while your foremen and supervisors probably need material lists and equipment budgets, they don’t need to see estimates and profit calculations. Likewise, your accounting team needs to access billing records, but they don’t need to see design drawings or project schedules.

The best construction data solutions offer granular permissions, so you can create as many types of users as you need to make sure that everyone has access to what they need and not to what they don’t.

Moving data into the cloud increases security

Cloud-based Solutions Solve Problems

Some of the best construction data and digital construction systems are cloud-based, and there are several reasons for this.

One is that you never have to worry about a hardware failure or network breach to compromise your information. Since most breaches are the result of human carelessness, that’s a very big thing to consider.

Another is that you never have to worry about maintaining or upgrading complex systems just to host all the information you need to store. It’s a headache-free, plug-and-play solution to some very complex issues.

Choose Security-Conscious Services

The final word on construction data safety and file sharing for construction is that you need to take the time to find a service provider that takes security as seriously as you do. Ask as many questions as you need to find out how their system works and how it is secured. Find out how they handle secure file transfer for construction companies and ask about the technologies they use to keep their servers secure.

They say information is power, and in the age of digital construction, that’s very true. But while collecting, cataloging, and storing information is important, construction data safety is even more critical. If you’re going to put your faith in any digital construction technology services, make sure you choose carefully.