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Introducing ‘Viewpoints on Construction’

A Virtual Series


The 2021 Viewpoints on Construction Lineup:

Maximizing contractors' service business will be the focus of the first Viewpoints on Construction series' virtual events.

Join us April 28 at 10:00 AM PST for Taking Your Service Organization to the Next Level, the first event designed for business owners and executives interested in improving their service offerings, or starting or developing a service business. The kickoff event will look at how the best service contractors are running their operations.

Why start with service?

Contractors today are adding an ongoing service business to stay connected to customers — and keep revenue coming in through economic ups and downs. Service operations typically have higher profit margins and lower risk than construction.

More Key Construction Topics on Tap:

Viewpoints on Construction will feature even more leading-edge industry topics throughout the remainder of 2021. Here’s a quick peek at upcoming virtual events

  • 6/9: Viewpoints on Construction HR Management
  • 6/16: Viewpoints on IT
  • 11/9: Viewpoints on Project Management and Operations

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