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Infrastructure Construction Experts Stress Digitization, Collaboration as Keys to Success


First quarterly Trimble Dimensions Spotlight Series highlights U.S infrastructure needs and expectations, how heavy and civil contractors are modernizing to meet needs and much more

Between $1 trillion and $3 trillion in infrastructure projects over the next several years will keep contractors busy, but they'll have to modernize operations to meet new demands.

The United States is at the doorstep of the largest infrastructure spending package in its history. With the potential for between $1 trillion and $3 trillion in public works, utility, transportation, energy and other vital infrastructure projects, contractors are expected to benefit for years to come — but only if they’re prepared to meet modern demands for real-time data, digitization, leading-edge technology adoption. 

With this in mind, Trimble dedicated the first of its 2021 quarterly Dimensions Spotlight Series to the topic of reviving the county’s languishing infrastructure. Three unique episodes — each of which you can watch on-demand below — tackle a wide swath of infrastructure topics.

“The effort of reviving the U.S. infrastructure requires more than fixing what’s broken. We need to engage innovative solutions that connect the right information with the right people, enabling intelligent decision making throughout project life cycles,” notes Trimble on it’s Dimensions Spotlight Series 1 site “It starts with understanding the value and context of available data, then using that information to rethink the future of project delivery — integrating concepts such as autonomous vehicles and drones, digital as-built models, a connected but decentralized workforce, and reliable broadband connectivity.”

Watch each episode:

Episode 1: Unleashing the Power of Collaboration and Data for Digital Delivery

This panel discussion features a cross-section of leaders from the transportation construction industry who discuss how they use collaboration, technology and data-driven insights to improve productivity, safety, quality, sustainability and transparency, and positively impact the time, cost, and schedule of their projects.

Episode 2: How We Will Write the Future of Infrastructure: Our Sputnik Moment

Trillions of dollars in spending could end up equaling zero if the infrastructure community can’t come together to make historic change. In episode two, Norman F. Anderson, author of Vision: Our Strategic Infrastructure Roadmap Forward, and Chairman & CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure, outlines how governments and asset owners need to think about upcoming infrastructure initiatives.

Episode 3: Digital Construction and an Evolving Workforce Lay the Foundation for Change

Advancing technologies and shrinking labor pools continue to impact infrastructure. Crucial steps in both areas must be taken to lay the foundation for the modernization and innovation of our most critical assets. Jose Luis Blanco, a partner with global business consultancy firm McKinsey & Company shares his insights into the innovations reshaping transportation construction projects and the workforce that delivers them.

Upcoming Trimble Dimensions Spotlight Series

The Trimble Dimensions Spotlight Series is filled with thought leadership from top industry experts. Each series includes a collection of unique, on-demand episodes that will inspire new ideas and prepare you for future success.

New episodes will be released throughout the year, covering the trends and topics driving change in our fast-paced world. Here’s what’s on tap:

Series 2 — Next Gen Workforce (June 2021): The world is changing and with it the workforce. Find out how businesses are rethinking the use of available resources to strike the right balance between onboarding, upskilling, and technology.

Series 3 — Sustainability (September 2021): Why are so many companies committing to sustainability goals? It goes beyond good corporate citizenship, it’s part of a long-term strategy for doing good business.

Series 4 — Automation (December 2021): The future of project delivery involves more progress and less rework. Discover how businesses are using automation technology to increase productivity, attract skilled labor, and stay competitive.

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